Monday, June 17, 2013

The Body Shop Tree Tea Blackhead Exfoliator Review

Hello ladies,

 I hope you doing well and have had a great weekend. For some reason, I just love the week day more than weekend. I get more productive on the weekday even though I work more on the weekend LoL.

Anyway, about weeks ago, I posted my 2 parts of Big Makeup Hauls and I mentioned The Body Shop products in the hauls. So today, I'm going to let you know what I think about the Tree Tea product as I have already done the review of The Body Shop All In One BB Cream & Concealer ^.^. I've been busy using and writing reviews about all these products. It's kind of exciting to share with everyone what I've got. There will be more hauls coming soon lol. I know, I'm bad with saving :<

I have heard a lot of good reviews about The Body Shop Tree Tea products. At first I wanted to get the facial wipe but then I  wasn't sure if it was going to give the result like the Simple one, so I didn't get it but instead I got the Blackhead Exfoliator because my boyfriend needed one and I could use it with him too (once in a while).  I love this product!

My first impression was that:

- Its smell reminds me of the resort in Thailand that we went to last winter. The smell is mild and wild. I just love the smell of nature in it.

- It gives you the minty/cooling feeling when you're massaging the face.

- It also has the micro scrub to exfoliate the skin of course, especially for blackhead.

I use this product a few times already like once a week when I'm in the shower. I just love the feeling of refreshing after using it :). I think it's a great product for summer when you're in the shower.

What it does for your skin:

- It helps to control the oil on the face especially for people who have oily skin.

- It also helps to get rid of the blackheads (you have to use it more often if your blackheads come back quickly).

- Great for all skin type.

- It also moistures the face as well after you use it.

- It doesn't make you feel dry or anything

I absolutely recommend this product for anyone who has concerns about oily skin or just simply want a good soft exfoliating product. If you like the smell of nature, I'm sure you'll like the smell of this tree tea.

Also, you'll feel a little icy when you're using it. It's normal though, most of the minty/cooling effect product always gives the icy feeling.

**This product I consider as a soft exfoliating product because the micro scrubs in it are very separate from each other so it cannot scrub the surface consistently. You can have a look in the picture to see what I mean

It contains more of the cream than the scrub so it does not help with exfoliating much. If you don't like too hard exfoliating product on your skin then you can give this one a try.

I hope you enjoy my review and let me know if you have any question :)

Have a wonderful week starting everyone ;)