Friday, June 28, 2013

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Review

Hello pretties,

I hope you ladies have had a great week so far! Can't believe it's almost weekend again ;). Mine was not bad at all. Still a shopaholic as usual :). I can't wait to show you all of my different products that I have bought for the past 3 weeks ^.^. I will be really busy for next month, so I'm just going to write review and do tutorial as much as I can then I can edit them later ^.^ Exciting to work more hours, but sad for not able to do much on the blog :<. Ya know, I need to make some money for my spending habit LoL.

Anyway, so I received this smashbox deluxe sample primer from Sephora by trading my 100 points. Smashbox has different kind of primer, mine is the regular one but it's one of the best seller I think. My skin is normal so all I need is a basic, good primer to use. I am quite happy with this one so far.

The deluxe sample I got was 7ml tube until now I still have like more than half of the tube as you can see in the pciture! I used it like 7 times already ;).

The full size for this one is $44 CAD plus tax.

The product itself is quite good, no wonder a lot of people use it.

For me, it's a decent product.

- It holds the makeup pretty well, but for me, I don't know I still can feel a little oily around my nose after a few hours :/.

- It doesn't make you feel greasy though. Also, it gives nice canvas to apply on.

- It doesn't peel off. I mean, you know sometimes when you apply moisturizer on and then you apply primer and then suddenly the primer peels off the moisturizer as well? I got that problem with Lancome La Base Pro lol. But with this one, it totally works on the skin nicely.

- It also filling the lines and pores. As you can see clearly the difference between 2 hands ;) with and without the primer.
So overall, this primer is worth its price if it works out for you. Not all products work for all people. You have to find one that works for you :). Some people like, some don't right ;). If you want to know if the product works for you or not, get a deluxe sample and try it.

I hope you enjoy my review and please feel free to leave me any question or feedback. Until I see you next time, have a wonderful weekend!!!