Thursday, June 6, 2013

Philosophy One Step Cleansing Facial Cloths Review

 Good afternoon pretty ladies,

Today I am going to do a review about the Philosophy One Step Cleansing Facial Cloths which I posted it in my Big Makeup Hauls recently.

We will be lucky to find great products to use. We'll be even luckier to find great products to use but with cheaper price :). So here are my thoughts about the product.

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Philosophy is also considered as luxury brand which you can find either in Sephora or Department stores and they are still growing. Their products are pretty decent. Right now I'm trying on most of their samples that I got.

Price tag: affordable most of the items.

This One Step Cleansing Facial Cloth price: - a little overprice for me. I know it's about the brand too.

However, I don't think I will repurchase this cloth because I already have my favourite facial wipe which is "Simple" Facial Wipe Cleanser. Why? Because:

- They give you the same effect! But the "Simple" brand is like half of the price and sometimes it goes on sale for $5.99 (I just grabbed 2 of them from Shopper Drug Mart hehe).
- They are both good for sensitive skin.
- They are both give moisture to the skin after you wipe your face.
- They are actually similar like Twin sisters!

 So why should I go buy Philosophy for double price? Well, unless you're a beauty queen who doesn't like to use drug store products at all :p.

You can have a look at my demo video for both of them ;)

Overall, Philosophy Cleansing Facial cloth is not bad for its job, but the price tag is that I don't like

I hope you enjoy my review about this product. I know some people will not be happy to agree with me. Everyone has their own preferences. I just like to buy a product that does the work and makes sense with the price tag ;)

Until I see you again, have a wonderful of everyday :)