Sunday, June 9, 2013

Online Shopping Addicted - Hautelook (bad experience)

Hello pretty ladies,

I hope you have had a great weekend. My weekend was not bad at all. I got to shop online a lot :/

Recently I've been online shopping on * Hautelook * website. At first, I thought the website was sketchy but the deals on there were so good that I had to take a chance. Also, I did a little research about the website and what I found was pretty decent so I gave it a try :). I check on the site everyday to see if they have something new ;). I am a cosmetic lover, so most of the time I look at the beauty section ;).

With the shoes & other stuff I have already had my favourite site to go to like *   * and * - Free Overnight Shipping * (their shoes are amazing but a little pricy :>) and * JustFab * (cheaper shoes & bags and always have great deal :>). These are just awesome site to go to when it comes to shop for bag or shoes. I feel like I don't even buy anymore shoes or bags from department stores here anymore.

Anyway, today I want to show you ladies what I got from my Hautelook order ;)

So these are the items that I got:

- 1 smokey primer (special for smokey eyes)

- 3 pixi colour eyeliners.
* The reason I got these pencils because I want to compare with the Lancome In Love Spring collection eye kohls. I have had a feel they are kind of similar. But let's see later ;)

- A pixi eyeshadow paletter. It has lovely packaging and the item was on super sale!

This is the Smoky eye magnet primer. At first I thought the primer was white texture colour, but it's actually grey black. Only for smoky eye!

 These are the colours I have picked for the eyeliners. They are all smudge proof & long lasting. I couldn't find any brighter colours so I chose Deep Plum, Dark Blue & Dark Green

Pixi Deep Plum
Pixi Dark Blue
Dark Green
Pixi Straight On Till Morning Liner
Pixi Dark Green, Deep Plum, Dark Blue Swatches
 I love the makeup palette. The palette includes: Eyeshadow, blush and lip colours. The eyeshadow colours are beautiful and silky!

This palette reminds me of the Tarte Aqualillies eyeshadow palette even though this palette is not a waterproof one.

So the palette has:
- 6 duo eyeshadows,
- 4 blushers
- 4 lip colours.
The palette also comes with a giant mirror as well which I like ^.^

Feel like fairy *-*

The colours of the eyeshadow are very pretty! The camera didn't really show much of the colours :<

Here are the swatches.
From left top to right and down to the bottom.

 The colours are not as plain as they were shown in the pictures right?

 These colours are quite pretty when you put them on. However, the eyeshadows do require primer to stay on because I find that they may flake away easily.

This order is actually my second order from Hautelook. My first order is still not yet arrived which pisses me off and I have disputed the order through paypal. I am still waiting for Paypal to process my request.

I have to be honest that, at first I started to love Hautelook after I received this order. But then, the first order was being escalated over and over again with the shipping time (more than a month already). I tried to contact them by email and phone and they did not answer me which was very unprofessional for a big business.

The concepts of the website is excellent, but their customer service sucks bad. I was addicted and I have ordered another order from them and that will be my last one. I will not order from Hautelook again because of their bad customer service which is very frustrating. If you have ever bought anything from Hautelook feel free to share with me :)

That's all for my Sunday afternoon. Until I see you again, enjoy your new starting week ;)