Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Third Little Black Bag!

Hello pretties,

Here comes my third Little Black Bag (referral). You are probably saying "what the heck is wrong with this girl? She shopped too much" ehehe. Well, I have no excuses for shopping too much because you can see that I am totally hopeless in front of a cute bag or shoes or cosmetics *-*. Luckily, I have been holding myself back for a week already without buying anything. Oh well, I think I did bought a makeup case for my cosmetics. Can't wait to receive it. It's going to take awhile though.

Anyway, this bag is so cute that I couldn't resist myself so I had to get it. I am sure I will be using it a lot in the near future. It is super spacious and convenient and it's not heavy!

What's in the bag? I wonder....

 The bag brand is Vieta

This bag is super duper elegant ^.^ and just love the outside look of it. For some reason, this bag gives me the feeling of more mature and professional when I carry it :).

Come with the bag are different goodies, you'll get to see them as you continue reading :)

So this is how it looks like. The chain, the inside pockets and everything are just so cute! The bag is not pricy at all :). As you can see, it has quite an big space for lots of stuff ^.^ and I am such a junk collector!!!

This is bag is just perfect for going to work, school, hang out with friends, or to a's actually suitable for many occasions! Not nightclub though, I wouldn't want to carry a big bag to clubbing anyway ;)

And here are the goodies that I got together when I bought the bag. They are sold in a bundle with the bag actually. You pay about $10 extra to get all these goodies and normally the goodies are worth about $30 and up, sometimes more ;). So I didn't want to miss it :). Also, you can swap, trade with other buyers on the site before you get your order shipped. They are pretty convenient and fun!

I kept the Robert Rose ring and the earrings because I couldn't find any better offer to trade my items ;). This ring is about $20 worth.

My fingers are pretty small so it's quite hard for me to find a ring that fit my finger. So this ring is basically you can stretch it out or it stays small. Perfect for me ;)

Love the ring so far :).

The earrings are cute as well, but I don't really wear these type. Still it's always nice to have them in my wardrobe maybe they will come in handy when I need them ;). This pair is about $20 worth as well.

I traded one of the free face cream to get the stocking because I thought I wouldn't be using face cream anyway. Got these 2 pairs, not sure if ever wear them LoL. Maybe I can put them into my Giveaway package ;)

 Then, the last thing I got was the Age Delay Dual Repair Power Serum from Fab First Aid Beauty
which was a VIP gift from LLB. I couldn't find any better offer the it so I decided to take it. I think I'll save it for my mom lol.

So that's all for my Little Black Bag this time. I hope you enjoy my post. Please feel free to ask me any question. Until I see you next time, have a wonderful week and up coming weekend everyone ;)


Welcome to my Little Black Bag world ;)