Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Julep Maven Secret Store

Hello pretties,

I have purchased these nail polishes from Julep which were in the "Secret Store". It opens every first day of the month and the event lasts for 72 hours. No matter how hard I try, they just keep making me so tempted to purchase :/. I couldn't skip because the colours were so pretty lol and the deal was so great! So I had to get em. This one is from last month. This month I decided not to purchase because I'm broke!

So here are the colours that I've got. All of them for $18.84 so it's a pretty great deal don't you think ;)

Julep Maven Social Beauty

This is my pastel set ;)

The blue, purple & yellow are my most favourite.

The peach colour doesn't really give you much colour at all. You have to paint it about 4 coats and up to be able to see the colour clearly which is quite disappointing :/.

The dull clear is the matte top coat.

** I find this matte top coat is kind of interesting because when you apply it on top of another nail polish, the top coat actually helps blending out the clump. I mean when you paint your nail unevenly, the top coat will blend out for ya later. It takes a few minute to dry up though. Oh, I got a hand cream sample, I kinda like it ;)

So here are all the colours!

The colours are pretty aren't they? Great for summer for sure ;)

I hope you ladies enjoy my post. Until I see you next time, have a great week! Middle of the week already eh? Weekend is coming soon!!!


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