Monday, June 24, 2013

Julep Maven June unBox - DD Cream review

Hello ladies,

I got my June Maven box about a week ago but I was lazy to upload the pictures and write the review. At first I thought I would write the review separately, but then I thought I would just do everything in this post since I don't have much to say about the product anyway.

 So for this month of June, the theme is basically summer time with the beach and sun, sand, star fish... whatever is refreshing and ....


June-2013 quote

"Style isn't just about what you wear. It's about how you live."

For this month Julep Maven June box, I am very disappointed. No nail polishes for me this month :(. In exchange for the DD cream I had to sacrifice my nail polishes to get these 2 and I was totally disappointed and felt ripped off :<. It's like my $20 has gone to waste LoL.

Supposed I got the DD cream to try and a nail polish in my style profile. But I wanted to try the concealer as well, so I changed my style profile to get Modern Beauty Box.

So for this month box, I got:

Candies!!! The chocolate one is the best, the other 2 made me feel like I was eating some shitty candy. I did not like the flavour! :<

And the DD cream with DD concealer!

 First impression:

The DD cream is like 1/3 of the tube that I  have got. The tube is big but it takes about 10 second to squeeze out the cream.

What it's said in the DD cream "Dynamic Do-All" is:

"This lightweight damage-diminishing formula delivers dewy, buildable coverage to moisturize, prime, and pefect. Provides daily defense from UV rays and dramatically decreases the look of pores and fine lines. Nourishing hibiscus and olive extracts add a double dose of hydration."

So this basically, gives you all that you need: moisture, prime, coverage with SPF...

This is the colour of the BB Cream  I have got.

I got the Medium tone colour because I read the description from the website so I thought the Medium tone would be best for my skin tone. However, as you can see, it's not a dark tone but instead it's more orange!

Julep DD Cream review
My experiences on this product are:

- Too orange for a Medium skin tone!

- It's watery, just similar to the BB creams that  I have. It's not even thicker nor does it give any coverage.

- I don't see any differences between a BB cream & this DD cream (this one is a little bit better than The Body Shop BB cream that I have got awhile ago). The difference is that you'll get orange face instead.

- It does feel like it has SPF in there. So definitely it has SPF.

- It doesn't prime at all, I can feel a little bit oily after 2-3 hours.

- It does give you dewy look after you just applied on the cream, then later it becomes oily.

**I will use it when I get a little more tan. But I don't think I will repurchase it. I don't like it :/. Julep Maven should stay with nail polishes.

This is the concealer I have got (I sacrificed 2 of my monthly nail polishes to get this stupid little tube of concealer which doesn't even have 1/5 of the concealer in it). This one for sure downgrades Julep reputation.

- The concealer is less orange than the DD cream.

- It does give "not bad" coverage.

- It is thicker to the point that you can't blend out after 20 seconds.
Julep DD Cream Concealer

- It dries up quickly so you have to be fast to blend it out before it becomes like that! ( in the pic)

*Tip: if you blend it with a little bit of moisturizer or eye cream, it will goes smoothly.

Hate: the tube is big, and the concealer cream is like sample size, so I have to squeeze it so hard to get the concealer out.

*** People who are subscribed as Maven will definitely try the tube, but to buy it again, I don't think they will because:

- 1. $25 for this is ridiculous
- 2.  The product is not that great.

Overall, I am very disappointed of my Julep Maven June Box :(. Oh well, I skipped my July box as they came out with new stuff like body oil something which I'm sure I won't be using LoL. But I bought something else, and will keep you updated when the box arrives :)

I hope you enjoy my review and please feel free to leave any feedback or questions. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great starting week! It's monday!