Saturday, June 1, 2013

Favourite products & Crappy products

Hello pretties,

It's already June! I can't wait for the summer! Vancouver weather is still very shitty :(.
Anyway, time goes so fast; I've been blogging for 3 months already :>. I can't believe myself I have been such a good girl for keeping up with my blogging. I feel like blogging is my second circle of friends where I can share everything with everyone :). Thanks ladies for being in my circle and enjoy my blog :).

Today, I'm going to do the Favourite products & Crappy products. Normally, people do monthly favourite but I find that it's better to gather all the new products that I've been using for more than 1-2 months. So I have the time for doing the favourite products every 3 months.

My favourite products I have been using and will be repurchasing are:

1. Dior Nude BB Cream

 I have tried a few BB cream and so far Dior is one of the best one that I will repurchase. Why? Because:
- Great smell
- Great coverage
- Great moisture (I only use it with the moisturized primer from The Body Shop. It works perfectly)

2. Dior Nude Powder 

I compared this powder with Lancome Dual Matte Finish. I find that Dior is better because of its coverage & texture. I used to love Lancome Dual Matte Finish but after I started using Dior Nude powder, I just can't wait to finish the Lancome one so I'll have more space for my makeup kit (LoL).

3. The Body Shop Primers (clear & milky)

As you know, I recently just started to used primer. I think primer does make a different for your makeup. I compare these 2 primers with the Smashbox one I find that it's not much different and The Body Shop primers are so much cheaper ^.^ So, I'll stick with The Body Shop :>

However, for the milky primer, if you use it under the foundation it may make your face look thick & heavy (little caky). I tested it under BB cream & foudantion. This primer goes very well with BB cream instead.

4. Simple Facial Wipe Cleanser

Definitely this product I will buy again even though until now I haven't bought it yet since I got 2 extras from the mail box as samplers. The company actually gives out lots of sample to the building I live so some people they don't use it, they put them away and I just grabbed them hehe.

5. Lancome In Love Spring Colour Eyeliner Limited edition

I love the pencils. They are gorgeous! There were only 3 colours that came out: the teal, brown & blue colours. I only got 2 of them since the blue was out of stock. I wonder if other stores still have it. If they do, I'll get the third one for my collection. Since they are limited, even when I want to buy again, I can't  :(.

Hopefully other brands may come out with the pencil similar texture :o. Fingers cross LoL.

Anyway, I love them. The texture & colour are just beautiful and they are waterproof! Super perfect for summer time when you think of going swimming but still look great ;)

So those are 5 products that I love for this period. Let mw know what you think if you have tried any of those ;)

And now...

Products that I will not buy again

1. Olay Regenerist Concealer

This concealer in store worths $36 before tax (sometimes goes on sale). I don't like it! It doesn't work :/. I bought this mistakenly for the eye cream LoL. I've been using it and couldn't wait for it to finish. Thing is, this product lasts so long @_@.  Anyone has tried this product please let me know what you think :/. It doesn't even conceal dark circle =.=
Actually that's all for this time :)
Will keep you posted for the next 3 months if I found some crappy products ;)

I hope you enjoy my June 1st post and please feel free to leave me any feedback or comment.

I'll see you soon again!