Monday, June 3, 2013

Big Makeup Hauls!

Hello pretties,

If you've been following my blog you would have seen a few makeup hauls I have posted. I know I'm such a shopaholic actually to be exact "Makeupaholic" ^.^. So today, I want to share with you all what I have got recently ^_^. Excited!!!

P.s: this makeup hauls will consist "boyfriend Sephora treats" & "Daddy treat". Keep on reading you'll know what I mean ^.^

Hello! This is Guerlain bag, Sephora bags & The Body Shop bag, and the baby Philosophy bag. Let's see what's inside shall we?

First bag I'd like to open for you ladies is...

The Sephora bag that I bought myself ;) which were all on sale. I thought it would be a waste if I didn't buy them :> . These colours are great and I can't wait for another sale from Sephora ^.^

Actually I got 7 items altogether but i doubled each of the item from the picture for my up coming giveaway ;).

I got:

- Double dual eyeshadows which you can see the colour

- Double blue eyeliner & a black eyeliner

- Double chrome blush :>

- A black eyeliner which is not in the picture.

The blush got a lot of compliment it self. It was the colour of the year for 2012 and now there were a few left so Sephora put them on sale I guess.

It was a Sephora exclusive blush colour of 2012 called Pantone Universe (This year 2013 is Emerald)

This colour is just perfect for summer!

If you have ever tried Nars Orgasm blush & love it, then I'm pretty sure you'll love this colour as well.
I bought 2 of them. One is for myself and one is for my giveaway! Excited!

The packaging is pretty already. Even though you can see the box quite large but inside the pan is pretty little. However, with this silky soft pigmented blush, it will last you for a very long time!

Then I got this very vibrant dual eyeshadow.

At first, I wasn't going to get it but then after I tried the texture, I just fell in love with the pigment.

It's super pigmented! I know I am not going to use this on everyday wear, but for creative makeup, this one will be my homie! I put these colour on and not even with primer. Imagine when I put together with primer! Will it become the bomb? For sure!

I find that Sephora colours are pretty amazing. Compare to MAC colour, they give the same effect but cheaper a little lol.

I bought the eyeshadows, then I saw this colour pencil. I thought I should just get it because it was also at very good price :>. And after I tried the tester, I had to get it. Not 1 but 2 ;)

It's also waterproof, and it does the job ;).
You can see my swatch under. I ran through the water and tried to wipe the colour but it wouldn't go away. I ended up making my skin red =.=
Sephora Doe Eye

The next bag I'm going to open is...

The second Sephora bag! This second one was treated by my boyfriend. So I finally got him to come to Sephora with me and buy me something ^.^ Ya know, sometimes you just want to be spoiled by your boyfriend right? 

Here are the items that my boyfriend got for me (I picked, he paid :>) 

Tarte Aquallillies Gel Liner

I got a Tarte Aqualillies summer collection gel liner. I have wanted this liner since it just came out! I didn't buy it back then because I already bought the eyeshadow palette from the collection.

I love Tarte Summer collection packaging. They are first items that I actually wanted to buy from Tarte.

$29 CAD before tax :S
Another thing that made me want the gel liner so badly was that it came with a liner brush ^.^.

The liner brush has 2 head:
- 1 is bended
- 1 is straight.

So it's easy for you to use & for your convenient. I think it's a great deal because when you buy a single liner brush, it costs about $20 and up :/

The texture of the gel is very smooth and silky. It glides on easily. I find that this is a the only gel liner from Tarte that I actually like LoL.

And of course , the colour is most important. I love the colour!

It is absolutely waterproof!

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow

I got an UD Moondust eyeshadow "Zodiac" which is dark green. 

I love the moondust collection but out of all colours, I find that the green one gives the most pigment.Other colours don't show much pigment. They just show the glitter (it makes me feel all the colours are the same :>)

I kind of want to collect all 7 colour but let's see. Maybe when I have more money ;)

Also, as you know, the UD single colour container is removable. If you want to put a collection together simply just get the pan then fill the pan up with different colour ;)

Love this colour!!!

$24 CAD each before tax :<

Anastasia Mascara

Anastasia came out with colour mascaras! I have weakness for mascara especially when it comes to colour mascara LoL. I haven't seen colour mascaras for so long! So I decided to put them in my wishlist ^.^ Finally got them! There are 3 colour: Pink, Purple & Blue. I got 2 of them! I may go back and get the purple :>
I know I won't use too much of the pink &blue mascara, still I want to have them in my collection in case sometimes I need them for creative makeup ^.^.

The pink is gorgeous! So is the blue!
I don't know why I just love colour mascara. Maybe because I'm bored of seeing black mascara everyday?

The colour for sure got me :)

Also, the package includes a small sampler of Anastasia waterproof liquid which means you apply it on top of whatever mascara, it will become waterproof! Isn't it cool? You can also apply on top of your eyebrow so it keeps your eyebrow in place!

$29 CAD each (I think it's a bit overprice for a mascara. Actually most of the brand name mascaras are overprice anyway). Just saying!
This one is eyebrow & mascara coat

This Clinique Mascara I got as a gift (Sampler)
I have't tried the mascara yet, but I heard a lot of good thing about it. So, I'll let you ladies know what I think about it later ookay ;)

The Sephora girl also give us a few other samples but it for man =.=. She only gave me the mascara =.=

The third bag I'm going to open is...

To Be Continued...

Sorry ladies, I really want to open all of the bag in 1 post, but I find that it's way too long for you ladies to scan through already. So I'm going to save it for the next post ^.^ Ya know, I have to have something to do with my blog right ;)

FYI: Once my blog hits 100 followers, I will host a big giveaway. It is international! Yes it is! Wait for the good news ;)

Also, I have some event in my mind that I want to do for the next few months. So stay tune :)

I hope you enjoy my part 1 of Big Makeup Hauls

Please feel free to leave me any feedback or question. I'll be gladly to answer them all to you.

I'll see you again very soon! Excited!!!


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