Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Big Makeup Hauls Part 2

Hello ladies,

Again, today I'm going to be continuing on my second part of Big Makeup Hauls.

So these are the bags that I were opening in my part 1 of Big Makeup Hauls. Now I'm going to open all of them ^.^

So the next bag I'm going to open is...

The Body Shop!

I know you can't really see The Body Shop bag, but it's the most heavy bag out of all 4. The Body Shop gave so many discounts that I had to get everything (well actually I wanted to try them :>)

These are the skincare that I've got for my boyfriend and me ^.^. I have to admit that I was hooked by The Body Shop sales. Their products are not bad and they always  have promotion. Plus, a member of The Body Shop always get 10% off so basically I just have to pay 2% tax which I like!

 At that time, The Body Shop had the event "Buy 3 gets 2 for free", so I thought I would probably need some items for my boyfriend because he doesn't take care of his skin at all -.-.

I got him

- A face wash called Maca Root

- A face protector Maca Root Energetic (lotion).

The smell is just like other men products. I don't know why all the men skin care or cologne or whatever, they all smell the same to me LoL.

So these products are eligible for "Buy 3 gets 2 free"

I ended up bought another 3 items.

My Chanel cleanser is running out, I didn't want to spend too much money on cleanser even though I love the product so much.

 I gave The Body Shop NutriGanics Foaming Facial Wash a try. I like foam texture, and this one also has Anti Aging ingredients in there. The product is for first sigh of aging. I thought it was time for to start preventing wrinkle!

Then I got the Tea Tree Blackhead Exfoliating wash (for my boyfriend mainly) but I can sneak it once in awhile ;). I love the product so far. Will do a review on these later :>

I also got the Honey & Oat 3 In 1 Scrub Mask. Seriously, it was the first time that I bought 2 exfoliators at the same time. I didn't know why I got this one. I tried it once, it was okay but the smell is a little bit sweet to me :S.

Honey & Oat Mask & Scrub
I did 2 separate transaction so I could get more discount. I bought the 3 makeups together because on that day, The Body Shop had 50% off all makeup event!

I got the Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation.

I don't know what it means to be Extra Virgin but I gave the foundation a try. It was on sale for $12.5 so why not. The colour looked slightly different when I tried in the store. After I tried at home, I hate it =.=.

Since I started to have a crush on BB Cream, whenever I saw a line that came out with new BB Cream I wanted to try right away!

This All In One BB cream is like $20 and it was on sale so it was $10 plus I got discount $10 off when I bought $25 and over ^.^ So I ended up spending about $18.50 for all 3 items that were worth about $50+

 I got this one 02 because they only have 3 shades. So mine probably was medium. I will do a review about this one later as well :)

I saw the video demonstrating the All In One BB cream and All In One Concealer from The Body Shop makeup artist. So I thought I should put them together as well to see that effect. Got this one for half price so it was like $7.50 ;)

Over all, I spend about $55 for all of the items from The Body Shop. Isn't it amazing?

I feel like I'm such a good bargainer. Trust me, I did my calculation to achieve the best deal I could get ;)

The next one is....


I'm excited because it was my first time to have Guerlain products. I have never tried any of it before. I have heard about the brand, but you know their products are quite expensive :o. So these products were a treat from my Dad ^.^

I got the BB Cream & the limited edition primer.

Since I bought the Dior BB Cream, I have become addicted to BB Cream. I love the Dior, but when I saw the Guerlain one, it made me wanted to buy it. It's $54 before tax that's why I was holding myself back LoL.

This BB cream gives you more SPF than the Dior one. It feels so good when I apply it on :>.

I'll do a review about the BB Cream & comparison with the Dior later ^.^. It's going to be fun. So far, I'm loving this BB Cream as well.

I wasn't thinking of getting the primer at all! The beauty advisor she asked if I spent $100 I would get $20 off. I thought it was not bad. Then she suggested I geting the primer. It's like $78 LoL.

It was my dad's treat so he said just get whatever I wanted hihii ^.^ So I grabbed this one which was limited edition ^.^

Also, the beauty advisor said that the BB Cream would look so much better with the primer. Well, as a beauty advisor myself, I couldn't believe I fall for that as well LoL. However, it did look good together. Actually, it's natural :/. Now the primer is my most expensive product that I have ever got ^.^

Then she gave me some samples to try. The moisturizer & serum smell is super nice! I have to admit that high end products do make you feel different lol. Their products fragrances are very mild & easy to handle  unlike some products, the smell is so strong that you can't wait to get rid of it LoL.

The last one is...You may be able to guess already if you have seen my Big Makeup Hauls part 1 ;)


Philosophy is not really supposed to be here, but since I got them before I posted the hauls so I thought I would just add Philosophy together with the hauls ^.^

So here is the products that I got from Philosophy. I got:

                                                                               I got:                                                                       - A bottle of All In One - Shower Gel, Shampoo & Bubble Bath($20). It's pretty handy isn't it. But I'm not sure if I'm going to use it as shampoo. The smell is nice. I just love cherry blossom smell :)       - I also got the One Step Facial Cleansing Cloths($21).                                                            => I will do a demo and review & compare this cloths with Simple Facial Cleansing Wipe.                  - The red bag was a gift which contained a lot of samples & a full size product worth about $60 so that was why I bought these 2 items, just to get the gift! I love the red bag by the way ^_^. 
With all these samples combine, the value of the gifts are about $100+. It was a pretty good deal for me. I spent about $43 CAD ;)

The bag contains: 

- 3 samplers of Purity cleansing gel.
- 3 samplers of Grace perfume. 
- 4 samplers of Miracle anti-aging moisturizer (I'm testing it out, I may buy to use later. So far, I like the product). 
- 2 samplers of The Micro Exfoliating (this one I don't think I will use it because it's a brightening peel)

 - 1 full size of  Help Me Retinol Night Treatment ($60)

- 1 sample size of Hope In A Jar high performance moisturizer for all skin types

- 2 sample size of Miracle Dark Spot Corrector (2 of them together become a full size $60+)
- 1 sample size of Eye Hope eye cream

- 1 small bottle of Purity cleansing gel
- 1 small bottle of Grace shower gel

And the Red Makeup Bag!

So that's the end of my Big Makeup Hauls :), actually not the end at all. There will be more coming but with different tittles hehe.

I hope you ladies enjoy my hauls and feel free to ask me any question, or leave any suggestion. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Until then, I'll see you again soon!