Friday, May 17, 2013

What causes caky face and how to prevent from getting one

I've been reading around on beauty forums and some people wonder about why we get that caky look on our faces when we have foundation on? I have had that experience awhile ago and I promised myself to not make my face look caky again. Here are the reasons that caused caky face & how to prevent from getting caky.

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Caky face caused by: 

- Type of foundation you use
- Dry skin
- Too much foundation; especially when people who have little bit of dry skin or blemishes they tend to apply more foundation.
- Some people also use a lot of products on their faces before applying on foundation (like cream foundation for a smooth coverage then liquid foundation. Use one or the other not both. Model was "my mom" LoL. If the weather is hot, her face is totally melted :/

To prevent caky face: 

- With dry skin: use primer and apply as little foundation as you can.
----> Exfoliate once or twice a week.
----> Dry skin tends to be quite sensitive when exfoliating with scrubbing product so try to use like peel off mask, or soft scrubbing exfoliator (Vichy brand has good soft exfoliator cream), or clarisonic machine; I heard a lot of good things about it and I think it makes sense for using on dry skin and sensitive skin.

- With normal skin: don't use too thick moisturizer it also makes your foundation caky.

- With oily skin: it's the easiest for oily skin, you don't need too much of everything, just need a matte finish powder to settle the foundation.

***Some people say caky foundation is also caused by the tools you use but I don't think so. It's the way you use it. Do you clean your foundation brush after finishing apply your foundation? If the old foundation is still sitting on your brush and you use the brush again then I'm sure you will definitely make your face caky.

------> Clean your brush every time you use your foundation (even though it's applied for professional use only but try to form the habit of cleaning your brush because it really helps to keep the brush last long as well as not forming any old dry foundation on your brush before you applying on new one.

------>You may say that "oh that's too much work for cleaning brush with shampoo or brush cleanser is not good for using the brush instantly". Well, cinema secret brush cleanser is the best! It takes off residue on the brush instantly and it doesn't cause any skin irritation (non alcohol). It's a little pricy but for your hygiene reason it's worth it.

I hope you enjoy my post. If you have any question please feel free to ask :)
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