Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Body Shop Primers & Highlighter Review

Hello Ladies,

I have a small little haul again. But this time, I'll do more of the review :)

So I've been knowing about The Body Shop line awhile but I didn't really go there to shop. I have way too many makeup lines that I like so The Body Shop wasn't really in my list. Then after I started my blog, I thought that it would be better if I know a little bit of everything from different beauty line so I decided to give The Body Shop a try :).

They don't have huge varieties of cosmetics but their products are pretty not bad. The price are okay, not so expensive either. So I was tempted to buy a few products from the line.

These are what I got from The Body Shop

The Body Shop

The Body Shop

At first I just wanted to try the primer and the highlighter (which is replaced for my obsession with Guerlain highlighter because it's way too expensive so I didn't want to buy the Guerlain one). I got 2 items from The Body Shop and guess what? I ended up getting an extra item (buy 2 get 1 free!) so I got another primer (which has extra moisture for extremely dry skin).

Just my lucky day, they also have event when you spend $40 or over you'll get extra gift so I ended spending another $2 on facemask to get the body wash & lotion set ^.^ (just small one)

From left to right:

- Highlighter & Seaweed Clay Mask
- Primer & Moisturizer Primer

Overall, I spent about $43 including tax
-  I got 4 items,
- 1 pack of gift and
- A membership card for 10% discount every time you spend at The Body Shop + 20% of for the first timer ^.^
 I save quite a lot so I was quite impressed and happy with that ^.^. Now The Body Shop is another of my favourite store to go to ^.^.

Products Review


I am not a face primer person but I have to say that it does make a huge different for the makeup. Start with The Body Shop primer is not a bad idea at all since it's not so expensive (C$15 + 10% discount if you're a member, I got 20% discount because I was a first timer member)

I am quite impressed with the products. I have tried both of the primers in different ways.
My skin is normal/little combination so I don't really have much of skin problems. My skin does get little bit of oily but it's like 5%.

The texture of the primers are different.

- The clear one is for norma/combination skin which doesn't requite much of moisturizer since you already have your moisturizer on anyway before applying on the primer.

- The white one is the primer for extra dry skin. If you think your moisturizer doesn't give enough moist for your skin then you can use this one because it helps to boost the hydration for the skin.
----> This primer is also good for lazy people ^.^ (like me) when I don't want to apply my moisturizer, I can just use this primer then apply foundation. It works great!

So I did notice my makeup after a day of having these primers on my face. They both hold the makeup very well. My makeup didn't melt so I was happy with that. However, I am not sure about using this on extremely oily skin people. I can feel that the texture is very light. It is not as thick as the Smashbox or Lancome one so I guess the primers won't give much for extremely oily skin. For combination & dry skin they work perfectly.


The highlighter is a replacement for my obsession with the Guerlain highlighter one.

I am not impressed nor do I like it too much. It's an okay product.
So I didn't really expect much from it because even though they look similar but the texture is completely different.

- The texture is flaky and flying.

- It doesn't stick to your skin. So this product can only be use for like overall highlighter. You barely see any highlighting on it but it gives you little "blink blink" on the skin

So don't expect too much from it. If you're looking for a really good highlighter, try something else :)

 I will use this product but buying again, I don't think I will because it will take me very very very long to finish this one LoL.

Face mask

I got this seaweed clay facemask for $1.99 or $2 I can't remember

But I would like to recommend this product for people who have very oily skin or flaky skin.
It does absorb the dirt & oily on your face.

Not recommend for: extremely dry skin, or sensitive skin. Because even me with normal skin can feel itching a little bit.
Overall, I think The Body Shop products are pretty not bad. It's worth a try. If you find this line works for you then stick with it because it will save you lots of money. For beginner, this line is worth a try :)

I hope you enjoy my review and let me know if you have any question ^.^

I'll see you again soon :)