Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Strictly Go On Diet - My Diet Tips

I don't really need to go on diet at all. But when I do, I do it strictly. I learned this from my mom. It worked. However, you have to be very strict to yourself. Can you handle that? With this type of diet, you have to be very discipling. Good luck :)

In my previous post, I asked you to eat regularly in order to not gain weight. This post, I will have to ask you to be aware of what you're going to eat.

***Note: This diet is only for people who are dying to lose weight. Duration for this diet is about - 2 weeks you will see the result. You can go back to eat normally; however, try to not eating the way you used to eat if you feel that it makes you gain weight. Change your habit of eating if you have to.

In order to give you energy as well as help to lose weight. There is specific food that you eat (my mom & I technique)

***(Go on diet does not mean that you have to stop eating carb and protein. Those are important because they give energy to your body)

*** If you're doing a major weight lost, please consider exercising as well. However, with this diet, you don't need to work out too hard.

Eating habit during the time for this diet

 For breakfast: 

- 1 cup of coffee (the darker the coffee the better),
- A piece of plain bread
- A small glass of milk (2 hours after the breakfast).

==> The coffee helps to contribute a little to your weight lost. (Please check out the (Source) for more information about the Good & Bad from coffee for weight lost). However, you still need to eat something to keep your stomach working (Bread & Milk for energy). At the same time, coffee also give your stomach the feeling of *full*.

For lunch:

- 1 cup of coffee,
- 1 dish of veggie
- 1 small dish of plain boiled meat (pork or chicken your choice)
- sauce of your choice (or you can mix salt & pepper and squeeze a little lemon juice onto the mix and mix them all together. It's a yummy sauce! The lemon juice also help with burning calories as well)
- A small bow rice (or a piece of bread). I prefer rice because it helps to keep the stomach full longer.

For dinner: the same as lunch but without coffee. You can have a small glass of milk(before going to sleep) if you like.

**No Snack!

Very easy to do, but hard to keep up.

Disclaimer: I am not professionally trained in dieting. The contents I write are based on my experiences. It is up to you whether you want to try it or not.

If you'd like to try please let me know the process and how it works for you. You are free to leave any comment and feedback :)

I hope this post can be a help and I hope to hear the good news from you

I'll see you again soon!