Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Shoes & Jewellery Hauls ^.^

Hello ladies,

Good morning from Vancouver ^.^ Even though it's almost noon. I don't have work today so in order to keep myself active, I'd like to do a little haul. This time it's going to be shoes and jewellery I have got a few days ago but I didn't want to do the haul earlier because I just recently did one :/. Don't judge :p. I know I shop too much that's why I always work hard to pay that off ^.^

So it was the first time I ordered shoes from JustFab even though I have heard of the website and brand awhile back then. I love shoes and maybe someday I'll do a shoes closet for you guys to see. You know, I always tell my friends that I wear shoes like I eat salad. My minimum purchase of shoes is at least 1 pairs per month :p. Sometimes, I buy like 2-3 pairs without realizing it :/ I know I'm such a bad spender :S.

(Edited: actually by the time I finished writing this, it's already noon ^.^)

So here are the shoes that I got from JustFab
It came in with this giant box. You know why? Cuz there were 2 pairs of shoes in it hehhe ^.^. Couldn't help it cuz it was so cheap *-* 2 pairs for $50 :o. Can't say no!

They packed it really nicely :). So I am satisfied with their packagings.

My 2 JustFab boxes ^.^

I love their box design. Looks fabulous isn't it? Sorry it's a bit dirty on the top, maybe because of the shipping :/

VIP :o

- And here are my cutie shoes :). I love boosts and never get enough of it. I don't know why :/ They are classy yet you can also pull off the rockstar look with these ;). The colour is kind of milky even though I was expecting the completely white colour :(.                                                                 - The CON about this colour is that it gets dirty easily. I wore them and I didn't even know how I got all the dirt on my shoes after LoL. But the pairs are pretty comfy. Well, I would say I can handle it around 6 hours walking on flat surface :) (NOT walking non-stop LoL)                               - The pairs are about 5' high and 1/2' of the wedges. 
And this is my other pairs. I love the colour because it easily fits in with any clothes, well almost and it has that kind of cowboy looking ^.^ I have a pair of pants with similar colour :>

It's also about 5' high and 1/2' in the front. So it's easy to walk around without hurting my feet. 2 pairs for about $50 including shipping aren't bad right? Love the bargain :>. 
Jewellery time!

I love jewellery but I don't really wear much of it. I buy them I wear them once in awhile. These jewellery I got were super great discount. They were like 80% discount so I just got into the store and grabbed a few of them ^.^ I ended up paying like $12 something for all. Let's have a look ;) Shall we?

The reasons I got these jewellery because I want to do a few makeup look inspires. I don't really wear them at all just for my photo shoot sometimes later :). They are really pretty!

This set I like the most because I am going to do a princes look inspire by chinese movie character. I love putting together outfit, jewellery shoes & makeup. There was time when I thought about going to school for fashion. However, I thought that fashion style comes from within so I didn't want to waste money there unless I want to really design fashion and sew clothes :)>

But hey, I'm proud of my fashion sense even though sometimes they look crappy :o
I hope you guys enjoy my hauls. Let me know if you have any question and until next post. Have a wonderful week everyone ;)