Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Seven Deadly Sins Tag

At first I thought this was a curse so I was scared, but after I went to the lovely Hunny's Blog I became excited and couldn't wait to answer the questions ^.^

Image copied from Hunny's Blog
The picture I copied from Hunny's blog just to make it less scary hehe.

1. GREED: What is your most expensive beauty item?My most expensive beauty item is probably the Dior Eyeshadow Palette
2. WRATH: Which beauty item do you have a love/hate relationship with?
With my beauty product I either like it or I don't like it. I don't hate it, but if I hate it I don't use it. So I don't really have that love/hate relationship with any of my beauty product ^.^

3. GLUTTONY: What brand makes up the biggest chunk of your make up collection?
Lancome has become the biggest junk in my makeup collection even though I have a little bit of everything from different brands. But Lancome definitely has the most space :)

4. SLOTH: What product do you neglect to use due to laziness?
Eye Cream/ Night cream LoL. I know I need eye & night cream at night but I'm just so lazy to apply everything before I go to sleep:/ Lucky my skin isn't so bad when sleep through the night ^.^

5. PRIDE: Which beauty product gives you the most confidence?

Mascara I would say because even I sometimes forget to wear mascara I then have to actually stop by a local drug store to get a new mascara to apply on lol.

6. LUST: Which item is at the top of your beauty wish list?
Right now, I want the whole collection of Moondust eyeshadow from Urban Decay!!! And Anastasia Colour Mascara Edition *-*

7. ENVY: What make up product / look looks great on others but not on yourself?

I am not sure about this. But Makeup Forever HD foundation looks really good on people, but for me it's way too heavy and I don't really like it. I don't know how other can wear it :p

So that's my answers for the Deadly Sins Tag ^.^ The curse is done!!!

Now, I'm going to tag a few ladies, to see their answers :)

Other ladies feel free to join in as well, I'm too lazy to tag everyone :)

Have Fun Ladies :)