Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Second Little Black Bag

Greeting girlies,

I just received my second little black bag order today. I'm so excited to share with everyone even though this order is for a friend's birthday ^.^. Ya know, I just start loving little black bag website now because they are so convenient and always have great deals. Although I live in Canada and I have to pay shipping & tax but overall, it's still cheaper than buying stuff here ^.^

So let's have a look ^,^

So this is the packaging and items inside the box :). The Mistique bag is the main character!

And here is the princess!

At first I didn't think that the bag would be big. It looked quite small in the picture when I ordered. I only expected it to be like a small cross body bag which you could only use for your cell phone, credit card holder and a lipstick like the previous one I got from my First Little Black Bag. But this bag is like the perfect bag you want to carry it around  with you across the country!

You can fit in a wallet, a notebook or mini ipad :o, a small makeup bag, pen and everything that is essential. The bag is not heavy either which I like :).

The price is unbeatable. If I get hired at Guess store, I'll definitely order another one for myself :).
They have 2 colour: orange & black. I'll probably get the black one.

Normally when you order, you have a choice of either getting a bundle which they will add extra items together with your bag or you buying the single bag. It's always better deal when you buy the bundle ;). Well, I have to say that, I would prefer the bundle deal but depend on what extra items you're going to get. So my bundle includes:

A stone ring. This one I'm so sure that my friend will love it. It's just her style!

My fingers are little small for this ring even though you can stretch it. It's great for bigger fingers.

The price for this ring is about $20. It was in the bundle so I paid about extra $10 to get the whole things. The ring is one of them ;)

Then I got this necklace. It's very pretty! 

The necklace string is long so it's very suitable for sweater top or sleeveless top. Pretty funky. Look great on almost tops

As well the bundle came with a Pixi nail polish which I'd also like to try. The colour of the nail polish is quite pretty too ^.^

Pixi Nail Polish
The earrings are my most favourite item I got from this bundle. I decided to keep the necklace, the nail polish and the earrings for myself LoL. For sure I'll have some use with them later ;)
So that's all for my second Little Black Bag order. 

It's pretty simple to be a VIP member of Little Black Bag. You only need to pay $9.95 for the membership but they give you a $10 credit so you can buy item from there whenever you like. The good thing for being a member is that you get the maximum discount ^.^

Click on the icon if you'd like to have a look (referral icon)

I hope you enjoy my post and I'll see you soon again ^.^