Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Eating Routine & Tips for People Who Are on Diet

Are you suffering from dieting?
Are you getting frustrated because it doesn't seem like going anywhere when you're trying to lose weight? If yes, then read on. I hope you read everything in the writing because it's really important!

I know some people are easy to gain weight. They are worried to the point that they don't want to eat anything else other than just salad, almond, some fruit...and that's it! I am lucky to have a high metabolism body that I feel like my calories are burnt every second and I don't have to worry about gaining weight; and trust me I eat meat and everything(except junk food)

I am well aware of my body. The moment I feel that my body is getting some weight, I will work on it. However, for me gaining weight is such a pain. I can lose easily but gaining, I will have to work a lot on it (in healthy way though). My boyfriend  is really good at controlling his body shape, I am not. I only can sense when my face gets a little chubby that mean I put on weight (^.^). It's funny though because when I start to gain weight, my face will show first. So it's pretty easy for me to weight down.

Let's talk a little bit about Vietnamese eating habit so you'll get a little idea where I'm coming from ;)

InVietnamese culture, we eat big breakfast, big lunch, small dinner. Normally we balance out the food and time for eating. In my own family tradition, in a meal we have: 1 dish of vegie, 1 dish of meat, 1 bow of soup. We either have all those 3 in a meal or at least we have to have 1 dish of meat and 1 bow of soup and  rice. The Vietnamese timing for eating is kind of backward or a bit forward compares to other country or culture. If you wake up in the morning and you still think that 9am is still AM you're wrong! At around that time, I guarantee you that you won't find any breakfast left (LoL).

--> Breakfast: from 5am to 9am (breakfast is finished).
--> Lunch: start from 11am to 1pm is the latest.
--> Dinner: start from 5pm to 7pm is the latest.

Ever since I came to Canada, my eating habit changed completely! But lucky, I didn't get into the habit of eating loads either. When I was in Vietnam, I saw some people when they went aboard and came back they all ate like there would be no more food tomorrow. They gained lots of weight! My mom was surprised when I went back to Vietnam for the first time after 2 years, I even lost 2 kg due to the fact that I was addicted to game online and always stayed up so late to play game and didn't eat enough food :/. She ended up feeding me so that I would get back to my normal weight 38kg and I am still around that scale 37kg or 38kg... like 85pounds?

So I'm going to show you my eating routine and then I will show you the tips if you're going on diet.

My eating routine

1. I am not a junk food person. I don't hate chips or anything that you consider junk food but I just don't eat them. I will eat some but once in awhile when I go to movie. To see me constantly eating different kind of food in a day is kind of rare. I think that helps a lot for not getting weight.

2. Since my boyfriend is the breakfast chef, I eat whatever he cooks for me. We are completely different in style of eating breakfast. He likes light, I like heavy! If you go to Thailand or Vietnam and take a look at their breakfast menus, you'll see what I mean (minus the westerner's menu. Get the real Thai or Viet menus). Big breakfast can keep you energized for the whole day! I don't believe in small, light breakfast. If you know the Vietnamese is famous for its Pho and you normally eat Pho for Lunch or Dinner, but the truth is Pho actually for breakfast :>. With a full stomach in the morning, you can skip the lunch. That also helps to reduce the amount of calories for your body. Eat some fruit like apple, strawberry, banana, *avocado* (I like to mix avocado with condensed milk and ice -it's desert not for salad! Plain avocado is not my thing). I barely eat too much of everything because my body is quite good at detecting if I over eating.

3. I am the dinner chef because I like my traditional Vietnamese home meal :). Home meal is always the best because you know what you like and you know what to avoid to put in your food. My specialty is chicken. I can cook everything belongs to chicken! *.*. I have a Vietnamese cookbook & a Thai cookbook. I follow the steps of prep but I normally convert into my style of cooking :).

I am a pretty basic eating person. Once in awhile I'll have some chocolate but most of the time my snacks are apple, grape, banana, mango and sometimes honey watermelon. Or beef jerky!!!

So that's my eating routine ;). Not so hard to do it right if you decide to follow my way of eating.

Tips for people who are on diet

This is only about eating. I am quite lazy when it comes to exercising. However, I don't drive so I walk most of the time and I walk a lot ;).


1. When people are on diet, they tend to not eating. You will wonder why you stop eating breakfast, skip lunch, only eat dinner but you still gain weight?

- Stop eating is absolutely not the right thing to do for dieting. You stop eating does not mean that you will lose weight especially with people who have history of gaining weight easily. Skip 1 meal and eat loads on another meal is the worst thing you can do to your body.

- When you don't eat, your stomach will get smaller for the time being and when it's hungry, it will start burning the fat in your body to keep your body going. The stomach will eventually get tired and that is when you're out of energy. You start eating a lot and a lot which make your stomach suddenly stretches out. Do you feel sometimes you are so hungry and then you eat so much that your stomach starts hurting. That's what happen.

- The more food you eat, the more food you need every day. So as time goes by, your stomach stretches bigger and you need more food and then your body will form more fat and then your weight goes up! Easy as that.

My tips: try to form a habit of eating decent amount of food every day to keep your stomach working. If the stomach is working well continuously during the day, it will burn the calories  and at the same time it gives energy to your body. In that way, you won't have to starve yourself out and still worry about gaining weight.

***Ya know, drinking diet coke & eating pizza doesn't help anything. So watch out :). Less cheese, less trouble. Keep that in mind.

2. I know the western culture are more interested in Big Dinner, Little breakfast, Decent/big Lunch. Think again, logically, does it make sense to you? What time of the day do you need energy to go to work? Isn't it in the morning & noon? What do you do in the evening? Hang out, Chil-lax. Well there is exception for people who work late at night. That's fine if they eat late. As long as your body is working, you're fine eating late. But when your body is rest, you don't need a full stomach before you go to sleep. The Japanese style - 80/100.  Eat 80% full. Here's the (Source) for you.

Here are my tips/Vietnamese's style

- Breakfast should be your most important meal of the day because the breakfast gives energy to your body to work through the day. As you're working, the calories in your body will burn. Like you try work out so hard just to burn the calories right? This one, the calories will be burnt slowly through out the day.

- Lunch is the second most important because you are still working and you need energy to keep going. However, the lunch can be smaller than the breakfast, or either way around breakfast is small and lunch big. Still one of the meal has to be the biggest meal of the day.

*** In between you can have a chocolate, an apple, a banana, a bit chips (not the whole bag)

- Dinner (generally): try to eat as very little as you can. Dinner shouldn't be the main meal because at the end of the day, you're not working anymore. Time for relaxation. So when you relax, your body won't work too much to burn the calories. And when you go to bed, the food is still stuck in your stomach and that's how the fat formed. Dinner shouldn't be passed over 9pm. 8pm is understandable but if you can eat around 6pm or 7pm, it's great! You will get hungry later you say? Eat an apple it's good for your teeth, or a banana is great as well for filling you up. Wait until the next morning and eat more proper. Later I'm sure you won't be hungry at night anymore.

I know it's a little long for your to read. I hope my information is helpful to you.

Disclaimer: I am not professional trained in dieting. The contents I write are based on my experiences.  Whether you'd like to try it or not it's all up to you. If you find it's helpful, please feel free to leave a comment and thank me :). If you try and it's not helpful, you can leave the feedback as well. Still, I hope this post can be a help.

Enjoy and I'll see you soon again ^.^

P.s: Next post will be: "Strictly Go On Diet"

Pp.s: Sorry I don't have any picture on this post :S