Monday, May 27, 2013

My Cheap Makeup collection!

Hello ladies,

I feel like making a small haul about my very cheap makeup which I will do a $25 challenge like other beauty gurus have tried. I am not sure if I'm going to make it or not because I'm quite picky with foundation and powder when it comes to putting on my face :/. Also, I'm not sure skincare counts? Or just makeup :/
But so far, I have been able to collect these products which are pretty good quality yet so cheap! So I'm going to collect a few more until I achieve the $25 budget makeup then I'll do a makeup challenge tutorial ;).

So here are the products that I have bought. 

Seriously, I'm addicted to these eyebrow pencils. They are just perfect! Ya know, when you spend a $27 eyebrow pencil from Lancome, instead you can get like 12 of these and the quality is like similar! I even prefer this type of eyebrow pencil because you don't have to use sharpener all the times! This type is actually similar to the Anastasia one but it's just that Anastasia is more fancy :/.

Before I used to not like auto eyebrow pencil, but since I got this, I like it!

I bought 4 of these :> because this store is very funny, they are like "a 1 timer items" you can get today but they won't guarantee tomorrow they will have in stock again :/ so just in case ;). One of them is even with refill :>

This one has 2 other refills on it. So it will take me awhile to finish. Maybe not cuz I can feel that I'm using it so quickly

 So for this pencil, I use to outline my eyebrow because the tip is thin.

 The other one I use to fill inside the brow because the tip is thicker. I got 2 of them :).
Eyebrow Pencil
I got the Profusion eyeshadow palette. I'm not sure about the palette. I tried on my hands the colour & pigments are pretty not bad. It's only cost $2.50 so I gave it a try and see. Of course I'm sure I'll have to use primer with it, these colour are gorgeous. Can't wait to show you guys with makeup tutorial :)

You can see clearly the shimmer right? The texture is not as soft as other eyeshadows I have. It's a little bit dry. However, the pigment of the colours go on very nicely. The colour actually stays on!

Not bad for a $2.5 palette. It's worth a try ;)

I swatch the colour by its line. So you can see.

- Line 1 is the first line from the bottom which closes to the eyeshadow sponge

- Then from there you count the line up 2 & 3

I'm loving this store Daiso. They have most of the products from Japan so the products are pretty good quality :). Oh well, I hope you ladies enjoy my cheap makeup collection. I'll be buying more for the collection :>

I'll see you soon again :)