Friday, May 24, 2013

Julep Nail Polish review

I've been loving this nail polish brand. Most of the nail polishes are pretty well made and I love all the colour! Since I subscribed to Julep Maven Box, I haven't skipped once but always buy extra LoL. I know I am very bad at controlling myself not to shop ^.^

The nail polishes I'm going to show you are very pretty. I just love the colour! I got this awhile ago and haven't got a chance to show them off yet. Well, I have been testing all the colour so I'd like to share the result with you all :)

So these are the colour that I got from my April add-on box "Turn On The Bright" was the theme.  The colours are quite vibrant, aren't they?

They are:

- Mackenzie - Green
- Ally - Blue
- Abbie - Yellow

I have to say that all these colours go on very smoothly. The colours definitely draw a lot of attention and get lots of compliment to you :).

However, I am quite disappointed with the quality of these polishes :(. The other polishes I got were so fine. I don't know what's wrong with these colour :/

- They smell so strong! Especially the Green & Blue one. I have pretty good nose to handle strong smell, but these 2 gave me headache! The yellow one is lighter.

- Then the colours. They go on your nails nicely, but when you take them off, they leaves freaking yellow stain on your nail.

- It took me like almost a month to get rid of the stains. Oh well, my new nails grow actually.

Sorry I forgot to take picture of the green one to show ya. But you can look at my nail naked. In the picture you can't see clearly.

When some of my friends saw my nails they were like: "your nails look like you've been a smoker for years" even the smokers wouldn't get those strong colour =.=.

I was so pissed off but I couldn't stop myself from using them LoL. Well, I finally find away to put them in use, but it's going to take me a little time :/.

Ignore the smell, ignore the stain - these colour are perfect for summer.

The best way to maximize the use of these are: Gel Nail. If you get gel on top of your nail then apply this one on, it's perfect ;)

Overall, I'm a little disappointed with the quality & smell but still, the colours are unbeatable!

Nothing is completely perfect, can't blame that once in awhile you get little shitty product :/

I hope you enjoy my review. Feel free to ask me any question or leave me any feedback. If you've ever tried these colour please share with me :).

I'll see you soon again!


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