Thursday, May 9, 2013

Julep Maven May unBox ^.^ & Swagger Cosmetics

Howdy ladies,

I just received my May Julep Maven box & Swagger Cosmetic Eyeshadows today. I was so excited for them to come. It took them long enough @_@. Let's see what I've got ;)

First, I got my Julep Maven May Box - unboxing ^.^

Julep Maven May Box

So the theme for this month is: "Set The Stage". It's like they are bringing back old time "vintage" time. Very classic look. I love Julep Maven box because they always have new colour (even though the colour is just a little bit slightly different). Every month, I spend about $40-$45 on Maven box although the monthly box cost about $20, I always end up buying "add-on" or "secret store" they'll have a few days later after the release of the monthly box <--- good discount that's why I always get tempted ^.^. I've been with Julep since March so it's about 3 months that I have been buying from Julep. I was satisfied with most of the nail polishes....But I'll leave the odd review for sometimes later :)

So let's see, this month I got:

Julep Maven May "Set The Stage"
- 2 nail polishes,

- A pack of flower hairpins (pretty though, very vintage look)

- 3 small lipsticks (sample or gift size I think :/ )

When I saw the picture showing me my maven box this month, I was pretty pleased and didn't skip the box because I was tempted by the lipsticks. They were just my colour and I couldn't resist them.

The nails' colours are pretty. Love them both. Second red nail polish I got from Julep. I am pretty happy with their texture of nail polishes. So no complain about it :)

*Flag: I don't know about the cosmetics Julep will eventually have in the future, but in the mean time, I don't like their lipsticks at all. For example these that I just got! I hope they are limited editions so there will be no more of them LoL.

Julep In May
So here is the nail polish colour:

Julep May Classic With A Twist

- Myrtle is the red colour. It's totally vintage! Love it!

 - Zora is the light-white pearl pink kind of. 

They both are very pretty. Just as always, I love the texture of the nail polishes. The smells aren't bad at all.

However, I don't know why but I find that the texture of the red colour is easier to apply on. The other colour is kind of creamy and it becomes quite thick after 3 coats. But with the red colour, it takes like 5 coats for it to get thick.

Still, love them both.

Zora - Classic Wit A Twist

Myrtle - Classic With A Twist

Now move onto the lipsticks, let's have a look:

Julep Maven Lipsticks
Packaging: The packaging is pretty. I love the box design (1/1 points)

Quality: I am not really impressed with the lipstick tube. Even though it's a gold tube but when you hold it, and open it; it feels like a cheap lipstick made from China (no offend) but you know about all the fake MAC lipsticks that were made from China? It kind of making me feel like that even though the lipstick was made in USA :/ I am quite disappointed. (0/1 point))

Colour & texture: The pink is pretty, I don't know why they give me 2 red colours even though -1 has "orange tone red" - the other one is kind of "blue tone red".
 Still I don't like it when they send me 2 red lipsticks. The texture of the products:  I am no impressed either. The pink is supposed to be bright pink & silky but it isn't. (1/3 points)
The red ones are better with the texture. They are silky as they were listed. But the smell of these lipsticks are yucky! I don't like any of them! I am so disappointed! *Sad face*

Overall, I am not very satisfied with this month box. Oh well, except for the extra gift was the pack of hairpins ^.^. I hope next month will be better. Let's see. I am still waiting on another box coming ^.^

Swagger Cosmetic!

I found this cosmetic line when I was searching online for different brand of cosmetics and I stumbled into Swagger Cosmetic website. The products are made by hand and 100% guarantee of vegan. So I thought I would give them a try. I got a little bit of discount because it was the owner's birthday so she decided to give customers discount. I bought 3 of the eyeshadows since I saw them are best one I could choose and suit me best.
Swagger Cosmetics Eyeshadows
I picked the blue/green (kind of), purple and golden colour. They are all gorgeous colours. The packaging is pretty not bad. They are not as big as they're shown in the picture but the product will last you for awhile with those tiny jars LoL. Will do more review about these eyeshadows, but in the mean time, I'll let you have a look at them ;)

So these 2 packages: Julep & Swagger came into my mail box at the same time. So I thought I would put them together for this month Julep Unboxing - I know I have way too many hauls that I didn't want to put the title "Hauls" again on this post hehe.

Julep Maven & Swagger Cosmetics

I hope you enjoy my new post and I'll see you again soon ^.^