Friday, May 31, 2013

Fashion Hauls!!!

Hello ladies!

Today I'm so excited to share with you all about what I've got. Don't be jealous!!! This time it won't be makeup. Makeup haul will come later soon ;). So now let's have a look to see what I have got ;)

First items I bought:

The three items I got from Urban Outfitter! As some of you may know, Urban Outfitter is not a too cheap store either. Even though I told myself not to spend too much on bags & wallets. But I have to tell you that I've got to get these! Because.....

They were on super sale! And I couldn't help myself ^___^. Can you guess how much I spent on these? Hhmmm.....Will tell you later. I wanna show off first :>

So I saw this bag when I just got into the store. It's like a perfect bag size for me to carry around town. I'm not really fan of carrying big bag around, but once in awhile I do when I have to put my document inside. But for me, this bag is just my favourite for going out with girlfriends ;). So I had to get it! It has 3 layers of pocket.       - One of them doesn't have zip, but the other 2 are. So for me, with the layer without zip, I use it to put my cellphone ;). It's faster to take out.          - The front pocket I use it to put my small wallet and pennies!                   - Then the middle pocket I use to put my essential items like lipstick, keychain, small paper & pen ;). Love the bag so far! 

Then the wallets
These 2 are perfect for when you have a tote bag or clutch (not so small). I bought these but I haven't used them yet as you know I don't really use big bag much ;). I thought they were cute & on super sale. So I just grabbed them in case I want to give to some of my friends or perhaps... these might be on my Giveaway Project ;). It's coming soon ;)

At first I only wanted the yellow poka dot, but then I saw the second one, I thought I would just get both of them because they were so cute & cheap!

They didn't cost me a lot of money so they were worth buying :)

So the total I had to pay were about $16 total for all including tax! Yummy deal weren't they? ^.^

The second one I got ... is

I love this company because they always give such a great deal on shoes. I always wait until they have sale then I buy :>. The sad thing is that they don't have size 5 which is my size. But somehow I manage to buy the size 5 shoes that are fit me ;). Or it'll be a little lose but I still can wear comfortably :)

So again, this time I got 2 pairs for about $50!

- The pink shoes name is: Alana

- The purple one is: Brisa

They are both gorgeous!!!

For $50 for 2 are absolutely more than worth it :>.  This is unbeatable price! So I am very happy with this ;)

And here are my pairs

The pink one is my favourite because it's just perfect for summer for walking around town with friends, or going on a date ;).

Oh, and it's super comfy!!! Even though it's a bit lose for me, but the strap just helps to deal with the problem :>. 

This pair of shoes actually help to bring out the feminine in you. I feel so girly when I wear this (normally I'm more like Tom boy :>)

The purple one is a little higher. 

They're comfy but maximum hour I can manage on them is about 5-6 hours on shoes maybe less.

==> If you're going for an event in the evening, this pair of shoes is perfect! 

==> Especially when you wear them with long dress or black legging! This shoes can go with most of the outfit you can have in your closet ;)

Then, the third shop I bought

Are these super cute clothes!!! It's summer time!!!

They were also on super sale, so I thought that why shouldn't I bought them now so that I could save some money for later ;). Do you think I could? I don't think so :(. It was just my excuses :S

So let's have a look closer to see what I got okay ;)

I got this dress when I was on my way to check out :). It was the only XS dress that left on the shelf. The funny thing was that I just grabbed right onto it. I put it back and I tried to find a different one but too bad I couldn't find any :/ So I thought it was meant for me hihihi. And it was on sale for $15 ^.^ from Siren (Seduction tag)

The dress is sure for summer. I am a super fan of strapless dress and top. My boyfriend hates strapless but I love it! However, he actually likes this one when I showed him so it was quite impressive ;)

Also, this dress helps me to look taller :> I am quite petite LoL. So for sure I'll be wearing this one out soon when the weather gets better! Yay! Can't wait :>

So I got these tops as well :>. 

I just love these kind of tops ;). They are like $8 and you buy 1, you get 1 half price ^.^. Summer around the beach it is for

 Best suits with short short and short floral skirt ;). I'll take a pic for you guys to see when I have them on :)

Short Tops 

These are good for going out if you wear a longer top inside or you can wear a longer skirt which is higher up close to the top length

Then I got these for outer wear. They are so cute and funky! I love wearing these style on top of my tank top :)

I know the pants don't look good at all in the picture, but trust me it's very cute :) and comfy too ^.^
So that's it for my fashion hauls :). I'll have another makeup hauls coming ;)

I love the Siren store. It's one of my favourite store beside Guess to come to shop when I need new clothes. Its fashion is always on trend. They are super fast on trend LoL. The best thing about this store is that, they always have items on sale. They won't let you wait for too long before items go on sale :>. I never ever have to buy full price item unless I'm really really really into the piece and scared that they won't have my size anymore. Other than that, I buy on sale clothes all the time!

I hope you ladies enjoy my hauls and please feel free to leave any feedback & comment. Your supports are greatly appreciated!

Betsey Johnson

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