Friday, May 3, 2013

Dior Nude BB Cream & Powder Review

Hello ladies,

Today I'm going to do a review about the Dior Nude BB Cream & Dior Nude Powder as I promise a week ago on my Spring & Summer Makeup Hauls 2013

These are new products from Dior. I never had a BB cream before and I wanted to try so I finally bought the Dior BB cream as I got good discount from a friend of mine who's working for Dior counter :). I got the BB cream shade 003 (it's a little bit darker than my skin tone, but I didn't mind because summer is coming and I will be tanned!).
I also got the Nude powder compact as well just because I always like to have a combo of makeup together. The powder matches with my skin tone (shade 030), so I think the 2 together can actually complement each other.
Dior Nude BB Cream & Powder
Dior Nude BB Cream Texture
-  This BB cream smells great! You can smell the high end brand when you apply it on ^.^

- The texture is watery. It's not thick like foundation.

- It actually helps even out the skin tone so I am quite happy to use it once in awhile when I have to run a quick errand out of the house.

- It also gives you a little moisture as well if you're lazy to apply moisturizer before running out of the house (only when you have normal or oily skin). If you have very dry skin, you should use moisturizer with this.

- The SPF is low, so in the day time, especially in the summer you need to use sunscreen before applying it.
*** Good thing is: You can use this for girl night out so when you take picture with flash it won't make your face look too white (like ghost) ^.^

- > Recommend: for people who have almost flawless skin, or a little bit uneven skin tone. This BB cream will give you the natural look without people thinking you have makeup on :)

-> Not recommend:  for people who have lots of break out, or very badly uneven skin tone because there's no point using this product since it doesn't give you much coverage nor does it help to hide the blemishes or keep you moisture.

Dior Nude Powder

Dior Nude Powder:

- It gives me a little more coverage after I apply the BB cream.

- The texture of the powder is very soft and smooth.

- If you get the one that matches your skin tone, you can feel it actually disappears into your skin, but will smooth your skin out. It doesn't make you look caky (most important part ^.^).

However, if you use the powder alone, it won't give much coverage. It needs something underneath, either foundation, BB cream, Tinted moisturizer to maximize its effect :)

Overall, with these 2 products together, it's a perfect combination. I am very happy with these. It's great for the first try of BB cream right? Still, I'd like to try different brand for BB cream as well. If you have any other BB cream brand suggestion please let me know so I give them a try ;)

My next try will be Tinted Moisturizer because I haven't got any of them yet ;) will keep you posted if I get 1.

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I hope you enjoy my review and let me know if you have any question ^.^