Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring & Summer Makeup Hauls 2013!

Hello ladies,

Yay! I finally have my day off after 12 working days straight! I almost gave up the last shift but I told myself not to because I need to make money to spend on my makeup obsession ^.^. For the past few days working, I had collected a few items that were worth of my 3 days working wage (6 hours a day LoL) @_@. However, I am pretty happy with them! You guys have to see it!!! These are beautiful and I just have to have them in my makeup collection!

I am not a seasonal person, so for me spring & summer are pretty similar because in Vancouver, you barely feel the spring(freaking cold and rain!) not until it closes to summer LoL. We just have to have something colorful right? So here I am, mix and match. Hope you enjoy <3

Spring & Summer Collection

It took me like 2 weeks to gather all this cuz I was doubting whether I should spend or not. But well, all of them came with gifts & discount (lucky)! So I was tempted. I had to calculate how much it would cost if I bought as regular price + tax (tax in Vancouver is ridiculous). Then I thought it was pretty good deal so I bought them so I don't need to buy them in the future which will cost more ^.^ "excuses"

First Set I got: Lancome Spring Gift With Purchase

First of is my Lancome Spring Collection Eye Kohl. They are limited edition! It's gift with purchase time. When you spend $35 or over you'll get 8 pieces of gifts. These  2 kohls cost like $48 plus 12% tax LoL.

I didn't really need anything from Lancome but the gifts come in handy especially the makeup remover, serum, moisturizer. Blush, lipstick & eyeshadow go to my kit ^.^. I never bought a makeup remover or serum lol.

Lancome In Love Eye Kohl

The texture of the eyeliner is very smooth to apply on.
You only glide it.
You don't need to press it hard. It feels like powder when you glide the pencil.
It's completely waterproof!

They have 3 colours
- Jade Crush
- Deep Water Blue
- Chocolate Affair

I got 2 out of 3 because 1 of those was out of stock already :(. I think I should find the Deep Water Blue so it'll be a complete collection ^.^

I will do a video demo about pencils later.

The 8 pieces of gift includes:

A makeup bag "I chose Poka Dote" ^.^, "Hypnose Star" Mascara, Makeup Remover "Bi-Facils Double Action", "Visionaire" Serum, Lipstick Colour Design "Love It",  Day moisturizer jar "Bienfait Multi Vital SPF30", Blush "Briliant Berry", and Eyeshadow palette "Mauve Cherie". Good deal isn't it?

Second Set I got: Dior new colour

Dior Collection

I got a sample of Dior BB cream "Nude" from one of my magazine as my previous makeup haul I had shown. I never had a BB cream before so I gave it a try and I just started to love it! Will do a demo video about the BB cream later.
Lucky, a friend of mine works for Dior, and there was an event called "Employee Discount for 20% off". She told me about it so I asked her if she could give me 20% off hehe. Then they have little gift with purchase when you spend $100 or over LoL. I loved the eyeshadow palette (it's limited edition!); I wanted to buy the BB cream; and then when I have BB cream, I need a powder. I love all them! So I did my calculate and decided to buy them all LoL. Well over all, at regular price +tax is $182.  I paid $131 for all of them including tax!!! And gifts! Why not right? ^.^

I can't wait to try them all and demo for you guys ^.^

Dior BB Cream 003
I got the BB cream in 003 shade since the 002 was out of stock. It's a little bit darker than my skin tone but summer is coming so a shade darker is fine by me. Also I can always complement the BB cream with a powder ^.^

Can you see the texture? It's beautiful and dewy right? Wait until I put on then you'll see the different :)

Sorry I didn't show you the powder swatch cuz I
couldn't really see it on my skin when I took picture of it :/

Then I got the limited edition Cherie Bow Eyeshadow Palette. The reason I bought the palette at first was that I love the white sparkle colour in the middle of the palette and I couldn't find any other brand that actually had that kind of texture. So I bought the whole palette instead. But then I actually love all the colour. Their textures are very beautiful! Can't wait to play around with it!

The third one I got

Tarte Summer Collection Eyeshadow Palette (It is a waterproof palette designed for summer!). The design is very pretty. It gives me a feeling of vintage look. 

At first I wasn't impress with the colour of the palette. However, when I tried the texture of the eyeshadow on my hand, I started to love it and thought that I had to have it! The palette comes with a "How To" card which shows you 2 different looks.

Tarte Summer Collection Eyeshadow Palette

I will also do a demo on the palette later sometimes. It's beautiful! I also got 15% off out of $46 from Sephora when they were having a BI event so it was pretty not bad. They also came out with the new gel liner, but I haven't got it yet. Will get it soon ^.^ Even though it's said to be waterproof but I found that it wasn't really waterproof at all LoL. Perhaps, if you put eyeprimer on, the eyeshadow maybe able to stay on :/ Will do a proper review about this palette as well.

The last one I got: Nars Highlighter Blush

I also got this one in Sephora, but in different Sephora while they were on the last day of BI event so I thought I would buy it anyway in the near future so why not take a chance to get 15% off instead "excuse". I don't know why but I'm kinda attracted to glittery and shimmer lately. I just love sparkle! This highlighter blush is supper pretty! I think it's perfect for a Prom makeup! I'm going to do a Prom makeup soon! Even though the colour looks dark, as you can see my swatch, it's glitter and light :)

So that's it for my Spring and Summer Makeup Collection for now. I don't know what product I'm going to buy next. Let's see but I'm not really planning on spend more money for the next few months :S. Don't know if I can do that though ^.^

Believe it or not, this makeup bag actually contains all of the makeup I listed with box! Pretty impressive isn't it?

One more time with the sisters!

Hope you enjoy.