Monday, April 29, 2013

My Story About Amway IBO

If you have ever wondered about Amway IBO, keep on reading because I'm going to tell you my experience about this. I have researched about Amway, there were so many negative experiences about this company, yet I have taken a chance to find out. I was only interested in their Artistry cosmetic line. Well, the products aren't bad at all. I have only tried the skincare and a lipgloss, so far I'm not disappointed. I am quite happy with that.

So that is that. If you ever want to get into the Amway business I would suggest you think it twice or triple times before you actually get into the complete registration. I registered as a prosumer instead of the whole IBO thing which only gives me the license to be able to buy products with discount. So basically, the license is like a Cosco card for you to buy products with whole sale price; however, this doesn't even give you a 40% off products :/ But at least I get discount instead of buying the retail price. Also, when you buy product with your account you also will gain credit for that, so it's not bad at all. At least you'll get some money back later.

*** Don't buy their starter Kit if you don't plan on "recruiting" people into your circle or more like your group (they call it "helping other people into the business" I hate to say it, but it's "bullshit" for what they call professional). Even though they say it's not a Pyramid system because Pyramid is illegal, still you can see it yourself and use your judgment. However, they will convince you to think otherwise. These people, who are so good at wasting your time will spend a lot of time and water try to talk you out so that you'll be convinced and become a ladder for the person above you.

I wasn't upset when I decided to register for the wholesale license because I knew I would love to try out their products *Artistry Cosmetics* and I was sure I would be buying a lot in the future. The license will last you for 1 year. However, it pissed me off, and I was pissed off at myself for buying the starter kit! They sent me 2 boxes, quite heavy. When I opened it, I received 2 package of samplers for the skincare "essential" and "Age Defiance" each package was 10 foil paper samples "I was pissed" because the girl who got me into the business did not tell me exactly what they would send you because she was afraid I may not want to get the starter kit "fml". Then a box of "energy chocolate bar" which tastes really shitty, "2 can of energy drink" you can taste the sugar which is for people who have diabetes, a box of "multi vitamin" this one is not bad. Then a bunch of flyers, a catalog, a binder, and a bunch of papers -.-. It cost me $82 for that kit. However, I was glad they send me the Age Defiance Refinishing lotion worth about $62, and a lipgloss worth of $20 something, so it calmed me down a little.

Again, only buy the starter kit if you think you will be showing people and spend a lot of time to convince people to get into the business with you. Other than that, don't waste your money. Also, this starter kit says to give you the option to get into the fast track program so you'll learn more about it when you actually sit down and talk to one of them so they can show you how it works.

Over all, Amway IBO is not a scam, but it will take a lot of work to actually become one of those people who have got to diamond level which will be explained by one of the "Recruiter". These people will dress themselves like professional. They wear tie, suits, dress for business. They are very cautious of what they are speaking or will be speaking. You will find that in a certain group of people, they will be repeating the same thing but with different people. That was what annoying me the most when the girl asked me to go to their meeting. I met her, she talked to me and I found what she said totally made sense. Then I met the people who were above her, the guy also made sense but a little repeating like what the girl had told me. Then I went to another meeting with the people above them, the guy talked the same thing. At that point, I was pissed off and I was almost bursted -.-. But I kept my calm and waited until the end of the meeting. I was like "are they programmed to speak the same thing?". Then at the end of the meeting, they ask will ask you to book appointment with the person who brings you in.

The last meeting I met with the girl, I asked her why did they all spoke the same thing. She just simple said that "because they are people who have like-mind" so that's why they are in the same group. I was like "ok".
 She tried to convince to get to the whole registration includes: Business License, Starter Kit, Business Voice Mail like #1800-, Premium member (build your own website) $50 per month!(if it was $50 a year, I would reconsider), then tutorial program which allows you to download audio books so that you can learn about the business more, etc. I got frustrated after the list she gave me. I realize that was the reason why she had spent so much time on me. Because when you actually get 1 person to complete the registration it will be about $500 total for you to get started. Light bulb went on, excitement went off. Even though I told her that I only wanted to try the Artistry cosmetic line then I'd know if I'd like to get into the full business registration. She kept saying I was limiting myself. She also told me that the business is not about selling, it's about helping people means "recruiting people into your group" at least 6 of them so I can become leader. Leadership is more important than selling. I was wondering if they tried to get people into the business and kept recruiting who the hell would buy the freaking products if you don't sell? Oh and I forgot, if you don't have customer, you can buy the product yourself LoL. Just try to sell about $450 per month then you're good to go :)). That's why they want you to have 6 people in your circle so that 6 of them will buy their own products and you will also get the credit or bonus.

I am fine with this business, it's just that I am still upset for getting the stupid starter kit =.=