Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My first Little Black Bag

Hello ladies,

I am so excited to receive my first Little Black Bag even though I know what's inside already ^.^. I was so tempted to make a video about it instead of writing but since so many people already have youtube video about Little Black Bag so I'm just gonna write about it ^.^ plus I am quite shy speaking on video LoL.

Since I live in Canada it takes a bout 8-10 days for the item to arrive. So here is my Little Black Bag Box

Even though there were only 2 small items in the box, it came in a big box! Their box design is also very cute too! 
A message from Little Black Bag
Every Girl Needs A little Black Bag
And this is how it looks like inside
They packed the items very careful and placed them with lots of tissue paper so that the items won't get scratch or break (in my case, I don't know)

All items are brand new and still have tag on it.
Most of their items are 50% off entire store and when you do a bundle purchase, they add on for you 2 more items which are secret and will be revealed after you finish the transaction. 
This is my first time, so I didn't want to purchase the bundle, I only purchased the bag and they gave me an extra goodie which were 2 pairs of shoes linens!

1 is creamy beige colour and 1 is black!

And this is my little bag
Ivanka Trump
Even with the tax and shipping included, I still got little discount on this bag for shipping to Canada ^.^
I can't wait to use this crossbody bag in the summer!
The bag is light but the chain is quite heavy! 

I have become A Little Black Bag subscriber, so every month they will charge me a $9.95 for VIP membership. But in exchange I get a $10 credit to my account and I can use the credit to add on to buy  new bag or item! Also, I get to enjoy the discount as VIP member as well ^.^ So it's a win-win situation ;). 

Overall, my impression about A Little Black Bag store is great. The discount items, the items that stylists will put for you when you buy a bundle and the packaging. Everything is well taken care of. Oh, and you can also trade your item on the website with other buyers! You can check out the instruction when you're there ;)

You can check the website out from here ^.^

I hope you enjoy my post. Please let me know if you have any question. 
Happy Wednesday!