Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Makeup Haul Swatch & Small Review

Hello all pretty ladies.

Today I'm going to do a Makeup Haul which I have been planning to do for awhile but I was so lazy to go shopping ^.^ I finally did it! I feel so bad for lacking of post :(. Anyway, you'll see what I got doesn't make any sense at all :/.

So here is my little haul that I got today.

Excuse me for my yoga mat ^.^ 

Sally Hansen Complete Salon

 I got 2 nail polishes from Sally Hansen - 470 Purple, 340 Black Platinum which are being discontinued and they were on sale for like $4.49 (50% off). I got 1 before and I really like it. The texture is very smooth and they don't make your nail yellow. The polish stays on for quite awhile without chipping your nails. 

  Then I also got another nail polish tube called Nail Duo. It comes in colour yellow & green. Perfect colour isn't it? 1 side of the head is a regular brush and the other one is thinner brush. So I guess the thinner one is used for drawing thin line :/. My first time I actually got this. I am really bad at nail decorating so this one will be a challenge for me later ^.^ Will update you when I get to try the tube. 

Artistry Time Defiance Refinishing Lotion

Ever heard of Artistry cosmetic line? If not, you can check it out online. It's not cheap I know. But the good thing is that you'll get to use it for about 5 months before you can return it (6 months) lol. So after 3 months, you don't think it works for you, you can return it and get your money back!  Any of you lady is interested in Artistry product please let me know I can get you some % off there ;). I will do a review about this lotion in 2 weeks.

Artistry Lipgloss

Beside the Artistry Lotion, I also got the lipgloss because it looks so pretty! Their packaging is quite lovely too so I wanted to test the texture to see if it's actually as described. In 10 out of 10 I will give this product a 7.75/10 because I don't link the minty feeling on my lips and the light on the cap. It's convenient when you're out in the dark but so annoying when it's on a day time -.- . I like the texture of the lipgloss and especially it's not sticky! However, I will give other lipgloss a try because maybe it's just this one that has minty taste on ;)
Revlon Eyelash Curler

This is my new baby for eyelash curler! I will definitely throw away all my other metal eyelash curlers that I have . This one works so well on the lash and you don't have to worry it will cut your lash off. It's light and convenient. It's a perfect "must have" for makeup artist! I like to use it on myself because it gives my lashes perfect curl! Love love love it! Wonder why I didn't get it before.
L'Oreal Feather Lash Mascara

To be honest, I don't really like this mascara at all. It works fine, but I think it works better on a bigger lashes and big eyes! It for sure give you feather lashes. It separate the lash very well. Recommend for Caucasian, Indian, etc but notAsian ^.^ Sorry Asian ladies ;).L'Oreal Hip Illuminating & Highlighter And Hip High Pigmented Eyeshadow Tube (Sorry I threw away the box and I forgot its name :S) 

I love the Illuminating & Highlighter. It gives you really nice glowy looking (exotic look)You can also use it as eyeshadow if you want too. The baby blue pigmented eyeshadow is kind of interesting. You will need to pull the whole eyeshadow out of the tube and apply on. It actually sticks to the cap. I call it eyeshadow stick. The texture is not bad but if you want to see more of the intensity of the colour, you'll need to apply eyeshadow primer. 
Lancome Eyebrow Gel

I've been wanting this one for so long!!! I did so many makeup for clients and all the time, this brow gel worked like magic for clients' eyebrows! (I do freelancing for Lancome in case you're curious). However, I didn't get one before. I was waiting for my gratis (LoL) so I didn't want to buy it. Finally, I got it!!!

Tips to use Lancome Eyebrow Expert

- Apply the Eyebrow Expert onto your eyebrows and brush the hair up.
- Before the gel dries out, use a clean mascara wand to brush the eyebrow into the shape you like. 
***The gel keep your eyebrow in shape all day long! And you don't even need to use eyebrow powder or pencil after you use this. 

Last but not least, Lancome Artliner

I have a few of this in different colours and I love them all! The texture is very smooth. It gives you really nice intensive line and you don't have to reapply over 2 times. It is not waterproof but it doesn't smudge on your lids either ^.^
And I got this Dior BB cream sample. So I'm gonna try it and see ;) I never own a BB cream before so I'm kind of tempted to get one for myself but I don't know yet which brand.

I hope you enjoy my first Makeup Haul, Swatch and Review.
Please let me know if you have any question.
Anyone who is interested in getting to know about Artistry Cosmetic feel free to message me