Saturday, April 6, 2013

Julep Maven April Box!!!

Hello Ladies,

I am so excited I've finally got my April box! I think I am obsessed with Julep box now. I have 2 more boxes coming lol. One box was the add-on that I purchased with my April box but it didn't come together and the other box was on special price I think. I can't wait! Also, there's another different box coming not from Julep though ^.^. Secret will be revealed when the box arrives ^.^

Anyway, so today I'm going to show off my Julep Maven April Box!

So this is the box

Classic With A Twist April Box
Turn On The Bright is the theme for April box

Last month I got the Intro box It Girl and plus the Bombshell. So this month I decided to try a different style ;) it's called Classic With A Twist.

So the box comes with

- A cuticle serum pen (it's amazing) I will do a review about it later (supposed to use it for 2 weeks, but so far I love it!) ^.^
- A candy stick! (the pink one) I haven't eaten it yet :D
- Two nail polishes  as usual. The colours are quite pretty! But I need more of cool tone colour!

And here they are
Turn On The Brights!
I always love Julep packaging because you always receive your item un-damamged. There's no complain about it and the items are sure worth the money. I did some research about different beauty boxes, but so far I find Julep Maven is the best beauty box subscription. I wish they have cosmetics as well :s)

And here are my nail colours for this month of April

The colours are beautiful and creamy.

- Jackie is the bright red colour!
- Avery is the bright pink! (I also call this pink is Nicki Minaj colour cuz it's so bright!)

***I love the polishes! It doesn't matter how many coat I apply on, it will go on and on smoothly as you like, but you'll have to wait a long time for it to actually dries up. Eventually, I found out a way for it to harden quickly lol (you'll see my nails later ;) and know what what I'm talking about ^.^). So 3 coats are good enough to pull out the colour completely.

- The red colour (Jackie) is perfect for night out (girl flirty night out), or date, or on any occasional party! Ya know?

- The bright pink Avery) great for beach time and day time shopping. You want to show of your bright love pink nails for sure!

I put these 2 colours on each of my hand so I am right now having red on left and pink on the right. They are very pretty colours! 

It took me about an hour or something to dry up the colour because I was so greedy that I kept applying on so many coats. It got so thick that the colours couldn't dry LoL. 
So, because I like glitter, I decided to put glitter polishes on top of my nails' colour. 

On my red nails, I put Julep Camille (clear gel glitter) and the colour turned out to be golden red ;)

On my pink nails, I put Julep Oscar (golden gel glitter) and the colour turned to be golden pink.

Both glitters go really well with the colours. What surprised me was the clear gel glitter on the red, the glitter was not golden but it turned out to be golden on the red colour ;). Amazing is it?

*** So I have found out that, if you want your nail colour to be harden and dried quick, try to apply gel glitter on top and I am sure the colour will dry in no time! It's even better than the top coat LoL. I don't know why, but it works ;)

I hope you enjoy my April Box Show Off ^.^

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Have A Great Weekend Ladies :)