Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Follow You, Follow Me

Hello Ladies,

Thank you all for keeping in touch with me on GFC, Google+ and Bloglovin. In return the favour, I also will follow back who ever follows me on GFC, Google+ or Bloglovin. Just please comment on this page and leave your website here and I will check them out whenever I get a chance to.

I will follow your blog when you're blog hoping and I expect the same in return. I think every blogger knows about this. If someone follow you, you should follow back and let the person know that you have done so. Also, if you follow privately please do not list because follow privately is not counted as follower.

The reason I write this because I want to make it clear to all of you. There's no excuse if you miss to follow someone as a new blogger because you don't have like 5000 followers or something so it's hard to keep track of. I honestly don't like people who are blog hoping looking for followers and "say" they will follow you back but they don't or follow you "privately". If you're gonna do that, then "no thank you" and you also should know that there's an "unfollow" button as well. So make sure you keep your words. I am strictly keeping my words and I expect the same.

Sometimes, I cannot find any link from the person who follows me to follow back that does not mean that I don't follow you it's just that I don't see the link to your blog nor do I get to see your Google+ profile. So please send the link from your blog so I can go there and return the favour.

I hope you understand. I will be listing this post as my Blogroll so whoever visits my blog and would like to keep in touch and want me to follow you, please comment me the link and let me know.

Thank you.