Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Besame Cosmetics Review

Hello all my Ladies,

I hope you guys doing well and have had a great Easter time with family and friends & your God! Today I'm so excited to share with you a new makeup line that I actually start loving! I know some of you may or may not know about Besame Cosmetics but if you are cosmetic lovers & Vintage style lovers, you should definitely check them out!

My story of how I got to know about Besame Cosmetic (just a little bit, won't be long ^.^)

While I was searching for different line of cosmetics to try, I accidentally stumbled upon the website of Besame Cosmetic which I never heard of before. Thing that got my attention the most was that Besame Cosmetics are Vintage reproduction line!
That means the founder actually designed the cosmetic based on Vintage cosmetics. So I was curious to check them out. I read a little bit of the owner's story and I was so tempted to want to try the products already but I wasn't sure. It took me a few days to go back and forth the website and finally took a chance to order a blush & a lipstick which are their best sellers. Moreover, the shipping is always free so that was another temptation that actually got me to order ^.^

There were some problems with the shipping option since I live in Canada, but the staffs were supper helpful so I finally got my package!!! I am so happy!!!

So here is my showing offf ^.^

Besame Cosmetics - Lipstick & Blush
They packed the products very careful. Only 2 items & the paper list inside but it came with a big box and covered with all these white foam just to prevent the items broken or crooked. 
Besame Cosmetics Packaging
 Beautiful designs aren't they? I love the vintage style. Seriously they look completely vintage ;). They bring back old time for mademoiselles of 1900s ;). The 1920s, 1930s, 1950s & 1960s are my favourite.
Red Hot Red 

I couldn't wait another the day to try on the lipstick. I decided to take it out and tried it!

I love red lipstick and the colour I've got is Red Hot Red (just the name makes you feel sexy!)

The colour is beautiful! This red lip has a little bit of pink undertone but when you apply 2-3 coats of lipstick you'll get very beautiful bright red lips.

It is semi matte. It's not too glossy nor it's too matte. It is perfect for someone who's so picky about whether or not she likes matter or glossy lipstick. 

The texture is very smooth to apply on. 

The lipstick also smells yummy! I just wanna bite it ^.^

Even when you wipe the lipstick off, it will still leave you a little bit of  stain.

**Tip: If I want to have natural pink lips, I definitely put this on then wipe it off then you'll see the colour ;)

It's a nice pink stain isn't it?

And this is my Cream Rouge blush. This blush is 2 in 1. You can use it as blush & lipstick ;) 
Crimson Blush
However, I still prefer it as blush (its main job) than lipstick because I don't like the taste when it's on my lips.
The blush smells nice too. It has a sweet minty smell.

This blush will last you for a long time if you don't use it as lipstick(as well) because it's really high pigmented and you only need a little on your finger then dab it onto your cheeks then blend it out.

The blush gives a you rosy natural cheeks if you blend it out well or your cheeks will look like Geisha's cheeks ^.^(or monkey's butt my dad would say LoL).

The texture is creamy and easy to blend. 
*** However, I would recommend using a brush (synthetic blending brush) for  the blending.
I tried with my fingers, but it seemed like the colour disappeared & absorbed into my fingers instead of stayed on the cheeks :/. I had to be very gentle and careful so that it would leave the colour on my cheeks.

This brush is perfect for blending

It also gives you a nice lip colour. Unless you like the taste, other than that I don't recommend using it for lips. 
Over all, the products are very well made and high quality includes the packaging, very beautiful. So I am confident in order more products from this company. I will surely do more review about this line when I have more ^.^

If you're interested in checking out the line, you can go to:
They are  just beautiful!

I hope you enjoy my review and please let me know if you have any question.