Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Show Off My Julep Maven Mysterious Box!

It came!!! I have received 2 boxes in a month. How exciting! My April Box will be coming soon. Maybe around the 10 :O. I can't wait! Okay, since I've become a Maven, I get addicted to boxes; and I can't help it. I love receiving box!

*Note: These boxes I bought with my own money.

Here is my mysterious box ^.^

So the box comes with :

- 3 nail polishes. The style I got this time is Classic with a Twist. What a coincident, I just changed my April box style to Classic Twist.

This colour is called: Camille. Beautiful glitter ^.^

- This pink colour is Lauren. It's a little brighter than Eva. Love the bright pink!

- Then I have Ashley. It's kind of a Golden Orange colour. Very pretty too!

I think the name of nail polish is based on the one who created it or something. It has all the girls' names!?!?

- A nail file. I am sure this nail file will rock because I can tell by touching it. This one will last for awhile ;).

- 3 chocolate eggs! It's Easter Bunny Eggs ^.^ They were yummy. I ate them after I took their photos LoL.

- A One-Step Polish Remover Pad (10 pads are inside). Will try and will let you know.

- A bottle of Suncream SPF 30 for Hand&Face. Can't wait to try it on ^.^. Will do a review on it once I try.

For $24.99, I got them all!!! Shipping was free too ^.^
This is the Version 1 box, so I think Julep will have more Mysterious Box coming.

A little review about the nail polish

Last time I got my first Julep Maven box, I wasn't sure about the quality of the products. They were really nice to apply on and no clump. Now I have tried all the nail polishes and left them on for a few days, I have to say that the quality is excellent! No joke and no lie. I am quite picky when it comes to nail polish because I don't want my nail to get yellow or broken. The nail polish holds onto the finger very well and it doesn't chip! It actually helps hardening my nails.

I believe that only the quality of the product will bring customers back and keep customer loyal to it. So Julep Maven team actually have their qualities ;). That's why I can't wait for my next box!!!

The good thing about Julep Maven subscription is that it's only cost $19.99 a month with free shipping and you get all full side products. Not 1, not 2, but at least 3 and sometimes you get gift too ^.^.  Compare to other box subscriptions from other website, Julep Maven box is a good deal.  If you buy it singly, it may seem pricy. That's why it's a benefit to become a Maven. I can't wait to try all the new colours <3. They are April Neon Bright!!!

I hope you guys enjoy my review and "show off"

P.S: If you ladies are interested in the box please click on the banner below, it will lead you there.

**Please note that I am not trying to sell you any thing. As I am a part of their affiliate program I only get commission when you purchase the item. Also, I don't get the item from them for free. I do it on my own interest and want to share with you about the product. If you like my review and want to try. I would greatly appreciate for your support.

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