Friday, March 15, 2013

Runway Not? Runway-Spring Inspired

I have to be honest that this is my first time doing posing like this. It's kinda fun but I prefer doing makeup for people than myself. Here I am, the Author & Poser.

Clarification: Runway didn't put together with the clothes & makeup. It is my own idea, I just get inspired by the runway robot look and the makeup is from the colour of spring.

Inspired by Runway Look. I love how the models look like robots when they walk on stage. No emotion, very cold look. I tried my best to look like that, but I ended up looking very mean instead >.<

Sometimes just a simple trick you can pull off easily with the style. I didn't really do anything on my hair at all with this. I tied my hair up, made it into a messy bun, pinned it.

Yup, I did bend the best I can!

That's my chilli pepper plant!
 This dress you normally have to wear a legging underneath when you're out. But... because I'm inside the house, I didn't have to ;)

Dress or Long Top you may say. It's a well made piece that I am happy to purchased it so far. Great for spring look!

Top: From Joe Fresh

Not so expensive, not so cheap either, but if you're looking for office wear or a little formal clothes with less expensive check them out! But If you're a petite person like me...hhmm it's not easy to find your size because their size "S" is like Medium to Asian (Me) They need more XS and XXS!

Shoes: From Le Chateau

"One of the classic Canadian fashion retail" even though their fashion style is the same through the year. (LoL)
If you're looking for formal dress, prompt dress, dress for wedding. You can search for them there ;).
However, their shoes styles change from time to time. Sometimes they have great sale on shoes! I love that part!

Spring cleaning they say? But I would say summer cleaning is better. In Vancouver, you can't get rid of your winter clothes on spring time because it will free your butt off still :S

 And I can't wait for summer because summer is my most favourite time in Vancouver (not in Vietnam). You can wear whatever sexy clothes you love. Lots and lots of bright colours!!! Bikini, sexy time!

Blue & Pink go together pretty well. I love bright colours as they bring out the excitement, happiness on people face. Do you think you'll wear neon pink or bright blue eyeshadow if you're in a bad mood?

Makeup & Hair: Hannah Artistry (Me)
Model? (Me!)
Photographer: Dhruv Dhawan (The Best Man!)
(These photos are specially taken for only Hannah :X)
You can check his website here:

Makeup products I used

Eyebrow: - Lancome Le Crayon Poudre - Brunet
Eyeliner: - Lancome Artliner - Iceblack
Foundation: - M.A.C Matchmaster - 2.0
Powder: - Lancome Dual Finish - Matte Amande III
Blush: - Lancome Blush Subtil - Blushing Nude
Bronzer: - Nars - Laguna
Highlight: - Nars - Orgasm
Lipstick: - Covergirl - Lip Perfection - Enchantress (love it!)


Top: Joe Fresh
Shoe: Le Chateau

Enjoy :X