Friday, March 29, 2013

Ombre Nail Tutorial

Hello my Ladies,

I've been playing around with my nail polishes lately ever since I subscribed to Julep Maven. I tried to use all the different nail colour and put them together to create beautiful ombre mix&match colours ^.^. Well, practice makes perfect. Even though my nail ombre isn't perfect yet but it's considered pretty & decent. So I decided to do a little tutorial to show how you can achieve the look. Trust me, it looks easy but it's such a pain! :/

I call this look "Samba" as it reminds me one of the dance festival in Brazil. I am not quite sure what kind of festival it is. The Brazilians wear colourful sexy dancing costumes and dance on the street. Look fun! They also have a song call "Samba De Janeiro". I love the song too!

So here is my look.

I love pink! Especially the very very bright bright pink is my most favourite colour! Believe it or not, pink colour helps stimulating the brain and making you think of happiness and fun only. When you're happy, life is in pink! 

What I had for the this look were:     
- 3 nail polishes,  a base coat & a top coat   
- An angle sponge (makeup sponge)
- 2 Q-tips ^.^

My nail polishes are from Julep:  I used all the colour from my Mysterious Box I got a few day ago. They actually go together pretty well ;).

The colours are: 
- Pink: Lauren,
- Golden Orange: Ashley
- Clear Glitter: Camille.

From Quo I used:
- Base coat: Strong Bone (helps preventing chipping, but I don't really like it.
- Top Coat: Polish Keeper (it's pretty good)

So now let's get into the business

1. Wash your hands. Do whatever you have to do that involves with water because you will need to leave your pretty hands alone for like an hour after you have your nails done ^.^

2. Apply the base coat on over your nails and leave them for 3 minutes, or until you can feel that it has dried out.  In my case, I applied the Quo strong bone. It dries very quickly.

3. Apply the first colour that you use as a base for your nails' colour. I use Pink (Lauren).

- Apply about 3 coats (or as much as how you like the intensity of the colour to look) for the first colour and leave it until it dries.

<===== My first coat

*You can apply one coat after another but wait a few minutes for the coat to dry then re-apply.

===> This is my colour after 3 coats.

Okay, now we've finished the traditional part. Let's have some fun with the creative part ;)

4. Apply the 2nd colour on top of the first one. Pick the colour that is in contrast with your first one so you can see the 2 colours blend in together. This time, you're not using your nail brush but "Sponge".

- Before you applying the colour onto your sponge, make sure you spray a little water on it to make it damp. This helps to prevent the nail colour sucks into the sponge too quick.
***You can always squeeze back the colour and dab it ;).

- Brush the colour onto your sponge. Like in the picture. I just brushed a thin line. Make sure you only use the tip.

- Dab the tip of the sponge onto the tip of your nails.

- Dab it little by little on your nail one by one & re-apply the colour onto your sponge whenever you see that the colour has dried or sucked in with the sponge.

- This will require a lot of dabbing. So you just dab it until you reach the intensity of colour you like.

- After you finish dabbing, leave the nails dry. Make sure it has to be completely dry.

5. After the colour has dried up,  use a clear glitter nail polish to apply on top of your nail colour.
* I use Julep glitter Camille. The colour is like gel and it helps harden the nails.

===> This is how it look after ^.^

6. My final step is using the clear top coat to seal the colour. In case you skip the glitter clear then this one can be finished after your ombre colour has dried up. But always remember to use the top coat. It will give you the shinny clean look ^.^

** I tried the matte finish top coat on the ombre one time and it didn't look good. So shinny top coat on ombre nails look best!

Tada! So we finish the ombre nails!

This is my Mysterious Box nails from Julep
This is the completely look

Samba de Janeiro!

I hope you enjoy the tutorial.
Please feel free to ask me any question.