Saturday, March 30, 2013

Night Out

Night Out

These are the "must have" when it comes to makeup for a night out or a party or you want to seduce someone ;)

- Red lips! The seductive lips that no one can turn to look away. Trust me, whoever looks good wearing red lipstick, you should take advantage of it because red lipstick is very picky on people. That Giorgio Armani red lipstick with little bit of orange tone underneath will get you lots of attention! And don't forget to apply little bit of lipgloss on because it makes your lips look more lustrous & delicious *-*

- Smokey eyes never fails to get attention ;). People like to look at the dark mysterious eyes even though some may think it's a bit too much but it's at night and it won't look too dark ^.^. Lancome eyeshadow palette Golden Frenzy 5 colours in one for you to choose. Especially with the deep shimmer black colour you can make beautiful golden smokey eyes!

- False lashes! Make a big different! They totally help brightening and enlarging your eyes up! For people who are not used to wearing false eyelashes, that's fine, you can wear it once in awhile if you want to impress someone ;).

- Don't forget to polish your nail before you leave for the party! You want to polish from head to toes right?

- Of course face makeup you have to include foundation, powder & blush! We can't live with it or we can't have a full makeup without them :)