Thursday, March 21, 2013

Makeup Tips For Day Look

My makeup for the day.

Cat Eye
3 Coats of Mascara
A nice orangy lip colour

That's all we actually need for the day's look.

Sometime people prefer a more natural lip colour or shade of nude pink. However, nice orange-coral lips pull out the look pretty well. All you need to know is how to balance out the makeup without making it look overdone.

In the day time, you want to be careful about applying too much  makeup because people will start staring at you like you're from the other planet. During the night time, you can go crazy on it and people won't notice it as much. So I actually have a rule for my makeup look in the day:

During the day I don't apply eyeshadow. People will know I have makeup on, but they don't know what I actually put on my face. For that, what you should do is:

1. Apply a very thin layer of foundation. Your choice of full coverage or more natural. It does not matter as long as you blend it out well.

2. Apply a light touch of powder to settle down the liquid foundation. If you don't use liquid foundation then powder foundation also helps. But you have to apply a little bit of concealer to help brighten the face and to cover some uneven skin tones or dark circles you may have.

These 2 steps are the most important steps so that your foundation layer looks thin and unnoticeable. Remember, "apply a very thin layer of foundation"

3. Then bronzer and blush. You're done for the canvas.

If I'm feeling lazy sometimes, I don't do the eyes but I have to have thick lashes and mascara does wonders. I personally, don't use false lashes because it makes me feel sleepy!

So in order to have beautiful, not fake, looking lashes, I use mascara primer first, then 1 coat of lengthening mascara and then 1 coat of volumized mascara.

If you want a little more, you can do cat eyeliner. But for me, a nice colour lipstick & thick mascara give me the joy of day time makeup.

The eyebrows are also important as eyebrows complement the shape of your face. They can either soften or harden your look. So draw them nicely and carefully. I am 100% sure that if your eyebrows are screwed, the whole face will look funny. Either you choose to leave it naturally, or draw it nicely ;).

My complete look.
Makeup, Hair & Outfit.

Makeup Products I used

- MAC Matchmaster Foundation
- Lancome Dual Matte Finish Powder Foundation
- Lancome Star Bronzer
- Lancome Blush Subtil

- Essence Black eyeliner
- Lancome Art Liner

- Lancome Le Crayon

- Lancome Cil Booster (Primer)
- Lancome Definicils Precious Cells
- Diorshow Extase

- Lancome In Love

Thank you for reading <3