Monday, March 18, 2013

Julep Maven Box & Review

Hi guys,

I am so happy that I just received my first order from Julep Maven. It takes a little bit of time but well since I live in Canada I can't do anything about shipping. It's exciting to receive what you order isn't it! I have tried all the nail colours and I just can't wait to write a review on this!

So because they have a very nice promotion as well as discount for first time becoming a Maven, I ordered 2 boxes at the same time, and I got 2 nail polishes for free! The discount is so good that I can't hold myself to order one by one ^.^. Hmm, totally I had to pay was $33.97!!! I saved like $38! *.*

 I have to say that they packed it very carefully and neatly and very nicely ;). +1 Point for the package
Sorry I put the wrong card on top :/

And this is the real Bombshell
The Bombshell Box only has 2 nail polishes but I got the yellow one for free!!! 

Bombshell Box Review

The Bombshell Box comes with 2 colours and a food scrub tube (blue one) and little sample of Julep hand scrub (small little pink hides behind the card)

 The first one is the colour called Eva. It's a a Magenta kind of colour. Beautiful colour and very smooth to apply on +1 point for Eva

The second one is Sienna. I don't know why they name the colour Sienna because normally the colour Sienna is somewhere between the brownish-pink. But this colour is metallic grey. I feel like it has a little bit of yellow undertone. The colour also very nice, and smooth to apply on. You won't get clumsy with it. Hmm with this colour, it's just over average a little so +0.50 for Sienna. 

The food scrub cream smell quite nice. It gives you a freshly smell! Like...hmmm... Aqualia Ocean smell kind of...
And the hand scrub sample, I have not tried yet but it smells beautiful!
+1 point for food scrub & hand scrub

Then I got this colour for free! I just randomly picked it. I love yellow polish colour as well. So it's worth a try!
The colour in the picture is a little bit brighter than the original colour. The colour is kind of like yellow mustard. I didn't like it very much when I apply the first coat on, but after the second coat, it looks not bad! But you have to be careful when you apply on though. You don't want one part is lighter than the other, it may get clumsy a little bit. Creative colour, but not so impressive +0.50 for Alma.

Since I got 2 free colour nails, so I'm just going to review the other free one as well. The colour I got is Gwyneth. It a clear pink. I love pink that's why I picked it. However, it turns out, it looks pink in the bottle but when you painted it on, it looks totally clear. I don't know how many coat you have to put on to get that colour :s. Maybe the whole bottle? Over all, this one can be use as your top coat if you one, but if you look for the colour. No point getting this. Disappointed -1 point.

It Girl Box Review

The It Girl Box comes with 3 colours.

These 3 colours are sure It Girl! They are beautiful. Especially I like the sparkle one.
So the first colour for the It Girl Box is Sasha (beautiful name is it?)

It's a nice orange colour- It looks coral in the picture but it's totally orange, not bright orange though. Apply about 3 coats for the colour concentration. Have to be careful when applying because the texture is similar to Alma, it's a little thick and you don't want it to be clumsy on your nail :D. 
Over all, + 1 point for Sasha. Colour & Name :)

The second one is Oscar. 

 The name really suits the colour. Very sparkle! It shows the beauty of the night. +1 for Oscar. One of my favourite!!! Love it!!!

The last one is Eileen
The name suits with the colour as well. When you pronounce the name, you can get a feeling of  innocence,  pure, feminine...The white colour is pretty but it's just average like any white colour. However, the polish is pretty smooth and it doesn't look caky after you have on. +1 for the name and quality. 

I have tried on all the colour. So overall, my most favourite colours are: Eva, Sienna, Osca, & Sasha. The other one, they are okay. 
Here is my try on. Excuse me for my bony hand and fingers >.<

My favourite!!!!

Pick one for you ;)

The 7 sisters <3

Enjoy my ladies. If you have ever tried Julep Maven nail polish please let me know what you think :x. Every month, they always have new colour. I just ordered my Mysterious Box this month. Can't wait for it to come so I can try :X