Thursday, March 28, 2013

I get nominated for the Liebster Award!

Hello all my Pretty Ladies,

I am kind of new in the world of blogging. I've been working so hard to try to bring reat quality for every post I write because I want to be a successful blogger. I mean the moment I decided to create this blog, I was determined that one day I will be recognized and acknowledged for what I've done and what I'm doing. Even though I am quite new but I am so honoured to be listed on Music Plus Book for the Liebster Award. I am not quite sure about the Liebster Award but I am very happy to have my blog mentioned *-*. Thanks very much Laura. You've just made my day. And here are her questions that I have to answer ^.^


1. Favourite artist/band?

My favourite artist I would say is Michelle Phan (If that counts). She has inspired me to become the person I am today when I wasn't sure which career path I should choose. Her success triggered my desire to be succeeded like her :). I don't listen to band at all, but I like different song from different band ^.^. I don't stick with one. So far, I love the song "If I die young" by The Band Perry. 

2. Favourite song?

My most favourite "songs"; I listen to different song when I'm in different mood. So when I'm in a peaceful moon, I listen to "If I Die Young". When I'm in a loving mood, I listen to "I Love You Like A Love Song", "Ghetto Love", "Umbrella", "Lovely". When I'm in a flirty mood, I listen to "How To Be Heartbreaker", "Break Your Heart", "Champion". When I'm in bad mood, I shut all the music off ^.^

3. Favourite book?

I love books about psychology (light one) especially books about relationship/daiting, human sexuality.

My favourite books so far are: 

Fact: Why Men Love Bitches, Rhythm Of Life, The Beauty Myth, The Art Of Seduction.
Novel: Hope In A Jar, Cent & Sensibility, Blush.

4. Why did you choose a blog over a YouTube channel? 

I didn't choose blog over a YouTube channel, it's just that I love writing more. Also, I'm a bit shy when go on camera hehe, but I will try to have a youtube channel for myself soon ;)

5. Do you have a goal related to blogging?

I find that it's amazing how you can connect with all the people in different part of the world. I love connecting with people and believe me, I always try to talk to people who message me ^.^ My goal is to be acknowledged for what I'm doing and I will continue to do so :).

6. Biggest pet peeve?

My biggest pet peeve is: when people show that they hate me, I will make them hate me more ^.^. 
Other people pet peeve that I don't like is: someone's talking behind someone's back :/ especially if the guy does that, it totally turns me off.

7. Do you have a pet? If so, what is it?

I used to have 6 dogs back in Vietnam. But now I'm living in Canada, I don't have a pet :), If I could have one, I would want a baby mouse lemur or a meerkat. They are so cute!

8. Favourite animal?

Lion, Tiger - I know it's weird but I find that these animals are intriguing. I mean, I love most of the animals in the wild world but favourite are Lion & Tiger. 

9. If you were an animal, which one would you be and why?

I'd like to be a lion. You know, my Vietnamese people always make joke about women & female lions. They say that: "everyone is scared of the female lion, they don't want to piss her off, but even the female lion is scared of the woman" hehehe. I love cat species. They are so charm but they are scary ^.^ That's me.

10. What is your favourite quote?

Sometimes I feel like I can be a philosophy. I always ask myself about what philosophers do? So I write a lot. Most of my writings are pretty random and I love writing about life in general. I even write my own quote ^.^

My favourite: "Before becoming a professional, there was once an amateur" by me.

The meaning of this quote is that: everyone will have at least "one stepping stone" at the beginning of their careers. It reminds people who are professional but look down on other people who are just starting their own career path. People who are full of themselves about something they "do" should always remember that, they were once in that situation. 

11. What's your lucky number?

Lucky number: 1, 4, 13 

My lucky numbers are pretty backward isn't it? If people avoid it, I will embrace it. 

11 Fact About Me

1. Not a fan of competing with other people. But will do if I have to
2. Sing & dance very well but could never be a singer :/
3. Wanted to be a model but only 4'11 :(
4. Very creative, but only for assisting other. If I do it for myself, I can't do it.
5. Love to write but always go off topic. I am a very random writer.
6. I always want to take off my clothes or shoes (or the other person) and throw it away instantly if I spot someone is wearing the same thing I am wearing. It makes my blood boil.
7. I am easy going, friendly as a first impression. If a girl shows me attitude, I will give her back the same thing.
8. I like making fun of guys (who have 6 packs but brainless).
9. I consider myself a strong person, but I always cry when seeing an actress or actor crying in a movie LOL.
10. I am very ambitious but I won't show it.
11. Always hope to win a big prize lottery but it never happens :))

Since I don't have many followers. I will mention the people who are active on blog the most and who has not been mentioned in Laura list. You know it's a small world and we always know people from one another :)

These are the people who also have less than 200 followers I would like to nominate. They are quite talented people!

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My question are:

1. What is your objective in life.
2. Who is your role model & why?
3. Have you ever regretted about something you did in the past?
4. Are you a humorous person? Prove it *-*
5. Would you sell your love for money (not person but *love*)
6. Which one do you think is heavier: Rock Or Paper? And why?
7. What memory of childhood that makes you remember the most?
8. How many best friend you have?
9. Have you ever cheated on anyone (friend, love one)
10. Are you judgmental?
11. Do you consider yourself a good person?

I know my questions are kind of weird but I'm sure you all will have answer to that :)