Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How to remove your eye makeup & Tips to choose a good eye makeup remover

I know it's pretty easy for every one to know how to remove their eyes makeup. But remove eye makeup properly and pick the right product for you can help to save your eye makeup remover & prevent your eyes from irritating.

1. Cotton pad is always 1 of the most important thing for eye makeup remover & face, or Q-Tips. I normally use eye makeup remover to remove makeup on my eyes first then my face. It works like a thin layer of cleansing before you actually clean your face with cleanser. Q-Tips is only recommended if you're doing makeup and don't want fall out, Q-Tip can help to remove detail residue.

2. Drop a few drop of eye makeup remover into your cotton pad, or dip your clean Q-Tip into the bottle (prevent you from spilling out) or pump the liquid out onto the Q-Tip (if the bottle is pump type). Then slowly wipe the cotton pad onto your eyes. The liner, eyeshadow, or mascara should be easily removed  for a good eye makeup remover or else you will have to press very hard on your eyes (if that the case, I suggest you change your eye makeup remover).

3. After finish removing your eyes makeup, use the same cotton pad wipe around the face to remove your makeup as much as you can. I know sometimes you'll see residue black from mascara and eyeliner, but don't worry the cleanser will do the cleaning for you. And believe me, it works wonder because sometime cleanser won't remove completely makeup on your face. But if you add a little extra step before cleansing, you'll see the difference.

Tips for picking up a good eye makeup remover

I have tried many different kind of eye makeup removers. At first I thought that using eye makeup remover irritated the eyes a little bit was normal because they were all the same! They either burnt my eyes out or the one without alcohol helped with deep cleansing but then the next day I felt like my eyes skin were peeling off. It only irritated me when I did my makeup. But they removed residue pretty good. So when you choose an eye makeup remover make sure:

- It is gentle cleansing & alcohol free (alcohol will cause dryness on your skin)
- If you have to press hard to remove your eye makeup, don't use it anymore. It should be easy for you to remove without leaving any residue on your eyes.
- If the eye makeup remover irritates your eyes when you apply on, you should return the product. I'm sure lots of people at beauty counter will try to sell you.

***My advice: after you decide to buy the product you have been convinced by a beauty advisor and feel bad if you don't buy it for her. Try 1 final step: ask her/him to give you a sample of the product so you can try it first before you open the package in case you need to return it)

Your eyes are the most important part on your face. The skin is very delicate so treat the eyes with gentleness. Well, the whole face is important. Every part of the face is important. So no matter what it takes, take care of your skin well.

Recommend products:

For eyes & whole face makeup remover: Lancome Double Action Eye Makeup Remover works best (for me). It removes waterproof and non-waterproof. It's alcohol free and no irritating! Very gentle and I love that you don't have to use a lot of the liquid to remove the whole face makeup. Just need a little bit on your cotton pad then you can go on and on. Lancome has 2 kinds, 1 is the Gentle Eye Makeup Remover for non-waterproof, and the other one is the Double Action. I always get the Double Action even though I don't use waterproof stuff much but it's just in case. The price for both are the same ;)

For removing residue or fall out on the face when you do makeup: Clinique Eye Cleansing Balm works wonder! You don't have to worry about the mess you make on your face when you try to do smokey eyes. The product texture feel like lip balm, you just need a Q-Tip then give it a swatch then use it to remove wherever the fall out is.