Friday, March 22, 2013

Benefit Boi-ing Concealer Review

 Hello ladies, today I'm going to do my review about Benefit Bo-ing concealer. I've been using this (my shade is 01) for awhile and I definitely love it! In some circumstances c(:


1. It conceals very well and it doesn't make your eyes look caky.
2. The texture is very smooth to apply on.You can blend it as much as you want.
* If you're looking for a concealer that helps with brightening and concealing "a little bit of your dark circle" this one does a great job.

3. It also helps reducing redness.

- You can use it as a replacement for your foundation as well if you only have a little bit of uneven skin tone and you think you don't really need foundation.

- Apply the concealer on the areas that have redness then touch up with powder.

4. Another good thing about this concealer is that it doesn't go off easily (I mean it won't fade away or sweat out) and it will surely hold your powder through out the day.


1. I don't recommend this product for Very Dark circle eyes because the cream is not thick enough to cover. It will look ashy if you try to apply on too much of it.

 2. It seems to dry up in the cold weather and you can't even blend it out properly.

[Con Or Pros your choice ^.^]

***This concealer will served its best in the summer or mostly in countries with hot weather. I use it in summer time and whenever I travel to Vietnam or Thailand. So that's why I've been using one for so long. Oh and don't worry, it doesn't expire ;)

Overall, I still love it even though I can't use it in winter time. It suits me though because I  can always buy new makeups to try on and I still can love the old one and use it in occasion right?

Tips for picking your concealer shade. 

When you try to pick up a concealer shade for yourself, consider this:

- Pick 1 or 2 shade lighter than your skin tone if you only intend to brightening( 2 shade lighter) up the eyes or face and to conceal( 1 shade lighter) a little bit of dark circle.

- Pick 1 or 2 shade darker than your skin tone if you would like it to work as a corrector for your skin tone. It means that you will be hiding your blemishes( 2 shade as least) and uneven skin tone ( 1 shade)

I hope you enjoy reading my review. It would be great if you would leave some feedbacks. Feel free to ask me to do some other products review ;)

Happy Reading <3 *Hug*